Ryan Burke’s Insane Makeup Skills Will Blow You Away


For most people, putting on makeup is often a bit of foundation, eyeliner and lippy if you're feeling fancy, but for Ryan Burke, makeup is a form of art. The New York-based fashion photographer and makeup artist creates some of the most innovative and unique makeup designs that we've ever seen. Burke is completely self-taught and learned everything he knows about makeup simply through trial and error. Talking about his work, he said…

“I am inspired by symmetry, geometric shapes, drag culture, club culture, fashion, art, unconventional materials, patterns — anything really that alters my appearance and distorts my features. I’m not usually trying to look like a certain type of person or style or gender, even. For me it’s more about a color scheme and vibe that I wanna work with and how I can use makeup and materials to create a unique look.”

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