People Are Sharing Hilarious Photos That Show The Aftermath Of Letting Your Dog Play In The Mud

Move over flexi-cats because muddy dogs are the hottest thing on social media right now. But what’s so good about doggos covered in mud? Well, they look hilariously horrible. And you can just imagine their owners having to deal with the mess and having to wash the mud off their pets. Furthermore, there’s no denying the fascination of seeing their before-and-after transformation, from being fluffy and clean to becoming a dirtball (literally).

As responsible owners, we need to make sure that our pets are clean and healthy at all times. Bathing your dog as frequently as every other week helps keep their coat smooth and shiny. Additionally, it also keeps them smelling clean and fresh. But remember that dogs require physical exercise as much as proper hygiene for optimum health. It’s also important to let them play and let them unleash their canine instincts. This means allowing them to go outside, letting them run and bounce around to their heart’s content. Even if this means we’ll be having muddy pets in return.


Before And After Playdate

muddy dogs
onnisamoyed | onnisamoyed

This is just one of the issues that you have to deal with when your dogs are free to roam outside especially when it just rained. There will be lots of mud puddles scattered everywhere. And dogs won’t hesitate to roll in the mud when they see the opportunity. It is just a natural behavior from canines embracing their inner instinct and doing what they enjoy. This behavior also separates them from their feline counterparts. Cats, on the other hand, would avoid mud as much as possible. Unlike dogs, cats won’t compromise their cleanliness for the sake of playtime. But for dogs, getting dirty and mucky is part of the fun.

If you catch your pooch playing and rolling around in mud, let them do so. As we explained earlier, this behavior comes from their predatory instinct as a way to mask their scent. But what if they accidentally ingest some dirt? Pure, untreated dirt is generally safe for your dog to eat. Soil contamination is still a possibility since pesticides can seep into the ground. However, trust us when we say that canines can efficiently distinguish pure dirt from contaminated dirt better than us. They know which mud puddle is safe and which is harmful to them.


Make Sure You Give Your Dog A Bath

When they’ve had enough of playing in the mud, it’s time to give your dogs a thorough bath. Don’t wait till the mud dries up as it will be harder to remove once it hardens. Use a dog shampoo and brush the dirt out their fur. And don’t forget to clean their dirty paws as well. Your doggy is likely to return to the mud even after being washed. And of course, you don’t want to undergo the same ordeal all over again. So it’s highly advisable to keep them indoors during and after rainy days. Learn from these owners who shared funny photos of their muddy dogs before and after their mud bath.


“As Expected I Got Super Super Muddy And Had A Great Time, However I Partied A Bit Too Hard”

muddy dogs transformation
toby_swampdog | toby_swampdog


“Dog Playing In River Evolves Into Supermodel”

muddy dogs chic boots


“Dandelion Zoomies”

dandelion zoomies


Before And After Mud Bath

muddy dogs before and after mud bath
Sandra Katiela | Sandra Katiela


“Jude And His Hound Dog Puppy ‘Chicky-Dog’ After Playing In The Mud”

little boy and puppy mud playmates


“Today I Discovered Mud Puddles. Best. Day. Ever”

muddy dogs love puddles
harveythegoldenirish | harveythegoldenirish


“Our Babies When They Play Too Much. Alice And Figo”

muddy dogs alice and figo
viennasamoyedspack | viennasamoyedspack


“So That’s How Chocolate Labs Are Made”

toby swamp dog
At Work? We Walk!


“Is This Not Good?”

muddy dogs winnie the pooch
winniethepooch33 | winniethepooch33


“Wat, Mahm? Dirt? Where? I See Nuffin”

muddy dogs samoyed sisters
the.white.shadows | the.white.shadows


“Anyone Knows How To Clean A Bath? Asking For A Friend”

muddy dogs cooper the chocolate sproodle
cooper_spoodle_doo | cooper_spoodle_doo


“Ran Through The Tall Weeds With Her Velcro Fur. Took A Bath And Nearly 2 Hours Of Brushing To Get Them All Out”

puppy with velcro fur
Tacocat0927 | Tacocat0927


Muddy Dog

muddy dogs rolling in puddle
Sushisando | Sushisando


“Happy Hippo Ralph”

ralph and sylvie rolling in dirty puddle
eleni_ralph_sylvie | eleni_ralph_sylvie


“Very First Time I Stuck My Head In Thick Mud. Mum Was Absolutely Horrified But Then Start Laughing. No One Wanted To Pet Me On The Walk Home Tho”

doggo swamp swimmer
toby_swampdog | toby_swampdog


“Someone Found The Only Mud Puddle In The Dog Park”

enjoying puddle at the park
ponder233823 | ponder233823


“Oh You Dirty Dog”

koira the borzoi mud walk
koitheborzoi | koitheborzoi


“I See Your Muddy Pupper, And I Raise You Mine”

puppy covered in mud
RadioaktivJ | RadioaktivJ


“She Found The Mud Puddle”

doggo dirties car seat
Wism | Wism


“Found Her Playing In The Mud In The Backyard”

princess the pup licking dirt
poorkidz | poorkidz


“Can You Believe It’s The Same Dog In Both Pictures?”

toby the golden retriever loves puddles


“Gabby Found A Mud Hole To Cool Off In”

rhonda kirl playing in dirty puddle
rrkirl | rrkirl


“The Little One Is Learning From His Big Brother”

little pup learns from big brother


Muddy Dogs

indy loves puddles
chroniclesofindiana | chroniclesofindiana


“Was Asked If Martha Ever Got Muddy. Well, Yes. A Little”

martha loves mud puddles
activ_dogs | activ_dogs


“Rare Pupper Having A Hecking Good Time In The Mud”

rare pupper rolling in dirty puddle
Rockabillyjonny | Rockabillyjonny


“Doesn’t He Look Fetching In His Mud Suit?”

gorgeous doggo in mud suit
Oiseauii | Oiseauii


“It’s Safe To Say Wrigley Had The Most Fun At The Park Yesterday”

wrigley the wiggly chocolate snout
wrigleythewiggly | wrigleythewiggly


“Sunday Funday! Dog Park + Mud Puddles + Puppacinos”

louie the doodle walk in the park