Cheetos Have Three New Mac ‘n Cheese Flavors

Did you ever wish to have your favorite snack for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Cheetos fans can now do that because the popular snack is now in a macaroni-and-cheese form. Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese is here to change the way you eat your favorite snack forever. Plus, you now have a reason to have Cheetos in the morning, for lunch, dinner and anytime in between.

Die hard Cheetos fans don’t just eat their favorite snack in its unadulterated state, they also add it into everything from breakfast to dessert. Wiser folks have used these cheesy treats as ingredients in making omelettes, sandwiches, tacos, pancakes and more. These snacks also make savory toppings for pizza, kale salad, doughnuts and even ramen. In addition to these, ground Cheetos also make delectable breading for chicken breasts, pork loins, sushi and mozzarella sticks. This culinary creativity inspired the brand to introduce it’s own Mac ‘n Cheese because it is a mashup of two fan favorites.


Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese

The Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese line offers three flavors: Bold & Cheesy, Flamin’ Hot and Cheesy Jalapeño. No surprise here since these three flavors have always been the most popular among fans. All three varieties are made with corkscrew pasta noodles that come with the brand’s top-secret seasoning.

Cheese lovers are going to love the Bold & Cheesy flavor with its light cheddar cheesiness. If you want to add a kick to your favorite mac then the Cheesy Jalapeño will give you that creamy cheese with just the right amount of heat. But if you wish to set your taste buds on fire then the Flamin’ Hot will surely hit the spot.


Bold & Cheesy

cheetos mac 'n cheese bold cheesy



Flamin’ Hot

cheetos mac 'n cheese flamin hot



Cheesy Jalapeño

cheetos mac 'n cheese cheesy jalapeno


The Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese are exclusively available at Walmart as of now. You can find them in stores and online, at least for now. They will start rolling out to other stores nationwide in 2021. All varieties come in 5.6-oz boxes and 2.11-oz quick cook cups. It’s time to replace your boring macaroni-and-cheese and get these exciting alternatives now.


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Sometimes I like to brag that my childhood 80’/90’s were the “coolest”..No stinking pandemic, we had some good snacks and Saturday morning cartoons. Today’s generation has something special and it’s CHEETOS MAC ‘N freaking CHEESE? The three flavors are.. Flamin’ Hot:: Pasta is cheap AF, but cheap pasta with mac and cheese is money. The Flamin’ Hot powder is life!! Honestly can we forget this pasta thing and sell the damn powder!! Together they are good, don’t get me wrong..BUT Flamin’ Hot Powder hits that mouth burning fetish sensation we all find dear to our hearts?? Cheesy Jalapen?o:: Holy FACK!! This one is it!! The cheap pasta combined with Monterey jack cheese is something special. In each bite you have a hint of jalapen?o, then it’s all cheesy baby(MONEY). Bold & Cheesy:: Honestly I was so expecting this one to be my favorite. This is more basic then Kraft. The pasta pairs with a very light cheddar, nothing to special here. It almost makes you sad you wasted hard earned cals on it LOL..Still try it, you know the saying “different strokes for different folks”????? My basic Kraft or whatever kind of weird crap we were putting together back in the day has got nothing on this drop. Cheetos cheese should definitely be marketed as powder..Hell, I would prob down a jar of powder just for the heck of it??? You can get this exclusively to Walmart in both box and cup form? Thanks to the Walmart and Cheetos fam for blessing me with samples??? Have you had these yet or which one do you have your eyeballs on?? #cheetos #cheetosmacncheese #flaminhotcheetos #walmart #walmartexclusive #sponsored

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You ever get so fed up with your kids that you don’t even want to feed them and you just tell them to figure it out themselves? Well, this is what they figured out. Brand NEW Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese hitting Walmart shelves now! This is undoubtedly every little kid’s dream dinner – (including the 10 year old that permanently lives inside me.) The review? These are hella fun and hella delicious. They come in both boxed form where’d you’ll mix in butter and milk, or in microwaveable single serve cups which come with the provided flavor powder. My surprise favorite is the Creamy Jalapeño, but the Flamin’ Hot Mac ‘N Cheese is the coolest and tastes most like a Cheetos product. This is a no-doubter; I recommend all interested parties pick these up because you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for the free product, @cheetos! Now how bout a Flamin’ Hot Capri Sun to wash it down? ?

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