19 Amazing Over The Top Playrooms For Kids

Kids’ playrooms really can be magical places in which your little ones can learn, play and grow. While they don’t need much to fuel their imaginations, some of the playrooms available today are really something else. We recommend, unless you plan to build them something truly special, not showing your kids the following playrooms. Unless you want them to never let you forget it, that is! Check out these amazing, over the top playrooms.

This ‘hidden’ child’s playroom is a fantasy come true.

Check out this ‘indoor beach’ themed playroom, it’s the ultimate in cuteness!

This fire truck play area is gorgeous. Check out the cute chalkboards inside. 

A Western scene for the mini cowgirl or cowboy.

This traditional city has it all, from the tree book shelf to the miniature store fronts, it’s amazing.

This one’s for the young dramatic actors!

Likely to be the coziest reading room for little girls’ you’ve ever seen.

Not only does it have different levels, it’s got a hanging bed!

With the carousel and popcorn maker this is every child’s delight.

There is a mini-house inside this playroom!

A pirate ship inside of your playroom? This is almost too exciting for a kid to bear!

Medieval themed for medieval fun!

This is so colorful, you hardly know where to look. The seagulls are a nice touch, too.

They can play house and then retire to a cozy little reading nook above. 

The painted wall in this colorful playroom is absolutely gorgeous!

Climbing wall + slide = hours of fun!

This playroom is divided into sections. There’s music, numbers, reading and painting.

Check out the amazing ceiling in this playroom.

The tree house you can always play in, no matter what the weather’s doing outside!

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