Models With A Sense Of Humor On Instagram

When you think of the typical supermodel, what personality traits come to mind? Stuck-up, conceited, vain, precious, stupid? This is, at least, the rampant stereotype. Yet it’s one Swede, Tilda Lindstam is currently busy smashing, via her hilarious and down-to-earth Instagram account. Instead of sharing the typical model shots of girls preening and looking perfect backstage, Tilda, 22, is a fan of humor, the spontaneous, irony, fun and more humor…and this is very obvious when you view her posts! She gives them funny and witty captions, too. Take a look at some of her best pics below!  

Website: instagram

Woke Up Like Dis…

Santa came twice!

How to stay warm in Sweden.

Talk to the ham.

Heavy flow.

The best photo I’ve ever taken, two women reading a map on top of an elderly woman’s head.

I got drunk backstage at Dior.

2014 has been a great year.

After five beautiful years together this happened while I was putting my socks on.

Getting out of order south of the border.

Bby you’re a ship, I’m an iceberg hitting on you.

In a cage at the zoo where I belong.

Birds of paradise.

Copy my stuff, expect to get hit.

Future family goals.

Mack and Cheese.

I am a great role model for children, inbox me if you have any that need to be babysat.

Tasting the rainbow.

Life is sheet.

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