People Are Creating Giant Crochet Spiders And Now You Can Get The Patterns

Are you starting to get antsy while waiting for this pandemic to end? If you don’t want to waste the entire quarantine period as a couch potato, then we’ve got something that’ll help you combat laziness. Wouldn’t it be much better to emerge from this troubling time with a new skill or more knowledge? Well, if you’ve got spools of yarn lying around, why not learn to make a giant crochet spider?

Typically, the words ‘giant’ and ‘spider’ are enough to make any arachnophobe run away screaming. Or, it could make an arachnophile grin with excitement. This craft isn’t something you’d expect someone who dreads ‘creepy crawlies’ doing. But this is one you can expect spider lovers to be interested in. After all, despite their reputation, spiders aren’t so bad… they feast on pesky insects like cockroaches and mosquitoes, and even help alleviate the spread of diseases!

cream giant crochet spider with black and green flowers



Learn how to make giant crochet spiders with these simple patterns

If you want to learn how to make these awesome crochet arachnids, this Etsy store has all you need. MYtwinscrochetNL offers a selection of patterns that can help you bring these giant, flower-adorned spiders to life. The Etsy shop’s definitely got crochet enthusiasts tangled over their crochet patterns. Since going live in 2019, they’ve sold over 2, 969 patterns. And everyone’s raving about how helpful the patterns had been in helping them make their very own giant crochet spider!

MYtwinscrochetNL offers crochet patterns in multiple languages such as US English, British English, German and Dutch. And judging by the multitude of colorful giant crochet spiders showcased by their customers, it’s safe to say that the patterns they’re selling are easy to understand and follow. This will make a wonderful conversation piece for your home or a great “hey-the-quarantine’s-over!” gift to a friend.

colorful giant crochet spider



red giant crochet spider



Help your arachnophobic friend get over their fear with these super-sized crochet spiders

Did you know that Arachnophobia, or the fear of arachnids like spiders and scorpions, is the most common phobia in the world? No wonder the internet’s littered with content created about it! But it’s not really fun, for both the person and the creature. Spiders, despite their reputation, are good and play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance in the world we live in. So it’s really sad that many folks brand them as something that should be squished on sight.

So, why not help stop the violence through crocheting giant crochet spiders? You might have not noticed, but crochet has this awesome ability of making anything cute – from tampons to anatomically correct skeletons! Who knows, the Ron Weasley of your life just might get over his fear thanks to your handmade giant crochet spider! However, if you’re not really the DIY type, a quick search through Etsy will give you hundreds of ready-made giant crochet spiders. But there’s really no harm in trying to do it yourself, right?

gray giant crochet spider with bright yellow flowers



Their customers are very happy with the results of the crochet spider pattern

yellow giant crochet spider with a variety of colors in the details



white giant crochet spider with pink and red flowers



pink giant crochet spider on a metal chair



green and blue crochet spider creeps on cat



gray and black giant spider



dark gray crochet spider with yellow and blue flower deails

Rosalinde Juen


black and orange giant crochet spider on a plant



black and orange crochet spider



white spider with blue outlined pink flowers

Made by OvN


white spider with black and yellow flowers



pink spider with orange flowers



pretty in pink spider



dark brown spider with neutral flowers


Get yours today.

black spider with lime colored flowers


Source: MYtwinscrochetNL