Halloween-Themed Advent Calendars Make Everyday In October Fun

It seems we’re too excited about Halloween, aren’t we? Well, nothing’s really wrong with preparing ahead for it, right? Well, we’re pretty sure the superfans of the spooky season are doing the same. Now, if you happen to be among them, we got something for ya! Right — Halloween advent calendars! Pretty great idea, right? Sure!

What’s really neat about this thing is that it allows you to celebrate the whole of October with it! Yeah, but it’s kind of something to wonder, too, that Advent calendars are supposed to make countdowns for Christmas. It works this way: each calendar day has a little gift or trinket in it, making Christmas even more exciting to look forward to!

scary Halloween Advent calendars


Now add that kind of concept to All Hallows Eve. Yeah, for sure you’ll have the type of October 31 that you’ll never forget.

Halloween Advent calendars work to make your All Hallows Eve even more exciting to look forward to.

spooky Halloween Advent calendars
Black Forest Advent Calendar

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Admit it — Christmas Advent calendars can look a little boring after a while! (Of course, who can take those snowy scenes repeatedly? Well, that’s just if we’re being honest.) Now, what if we had Halloween Advent calendars? We’d see haunted house decorations, plus a lot of creepy ghosts and windows fooling around!

surprise box Halloween Advent calendars
Wooden Haunted House

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Yeah, and that’s just one reason you should add this kind of calendar to your traditions. Go use them with your Halloween treats!

And, how about surprising everyone in the family with a pumpkin-like Reese’s before Halloween? Surely nothing could be better than that!

haunted house Halloween Advent calendars
Haunted Halloween Advent Calendar

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Interested in getting one of these Halloween Advent calendars for yourself? Then find them on Etsy and other similar sites! Just take note that they may not include candy and trinkets yet. Still, there are lots and lots of blank DIY Advent calendars you can try working on for yourself! Decorate them whatever way you wish to. Surely, they would be as spooky or as funny as you would like them to be!

tombstones Halloween Advent calendars
Halloween Advent Calendar

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