Berlin’s Urban Treehouses Are Incredible


We feature our fair share of cool and unusual homes here at Awesome Inventions, but these urban treehouses in Berlin might be some of the best! Designed by architectural company Baumraum, these homes show that it's possible to design a treehouse that can also be a long-term residence, complete with all the mod-cons. Although they might look like they're in a forest somewhere, these homes were built in just 7,000 square feet of trees within an urban residential area. It's excellent that they were able to utilize this area to create more housing, without having to cut down the trees. This could mean that towns and cities are able to add more housing in areas they thought they wouldn't usually be able to, without having to expand outwards. Let's take a look at these cute, compact homes. 

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These treehouses are so cool! We're genuinely tempted to run away to Berlin and go live in one!

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