16 People Having A Bad Day


Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go your way? The folks who took or featured in these photos are certainly no stranger to bad days. With all the atrocities going on in the world, we’re not going to insult anyone by claiming these people are having the worst day ever. But, if we’re talking first world problems, these guys have got them! So, we’ll look at these photos and commiserate, but also be glad that our days are going better than theirs did. Now, let’s meet these sixteen people who are not having the best possible day.

This person who has both lost their breakfast and gained a big cleaning job.

This person who clearly got dressed in a hurry.

This person who does not appreciate inadequate frosting coverage.

These people who’ll be “enjoying” a super spicy slice.

This person who’ll be eating their pie off the floor.

This person who should have parked somewhere less sketchy.

This person who was savagely attacked by their office chair.

This parent who should have bought their kid that coloring book they wanted.

This person who has locked themselves out in style.

This person who won’t be vacuuming any time soon.

This person who broke more than a few eggs, but has no omelet to show for it.

This person who’s going to have to fight for the intact chocolate donut.

This person who has got up close and personal with the foldout couch.

This person who should have been more gentle with their door handle.

This person who’ll be eating cereal for dinner.

This person who hopefully isn’t desperate to use the bathroom.

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