16 Creative Vaseline Tips To Make You Look And Feel Amazing


First created in 1859, Vaseline has been used by generations of families for problems such as cracked skin, dry patches, cuts, burns and scrapes. Did you know though, that the 100% pure petroleum jelly product has loads of beauty enhancing applications? Here we have collected together 16 of the most incredible and easy Vaseline beauty hacks to keep you looking good and feeling great. 

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Dab Vaseline on your nose to prevent redness when you have a cold


Mixing Vaseline and salt makes an awesome exfoliant


Before applying self-tanner, put a tiny slick of Vaseline onto any dry patches of the body. This will prevent streaks


Covering feet in Vaseline then putting on socks over night makes them feel really soft the next morning


Use Vaseline on a damp washcloth to lift makeup stains from fabrics


Vaseline quickly softens dry or cracked elbows


Use Vaseline as an excellent eye make up remover when you run out of your regular product


For sensitive ears which are prone to irritation,  a little Vaseline rubbed onto the lobes works wonders

Rubbing a little Vaseline on the wrists and neck will make perfume last longer


Stuck zippers are a thing of the past when treated with a cotton swab and Vaseline


Many people swear that Vaseline makes their eyelashes thicker and longer


To keep color off skin, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to cuticles before using nail polish

Easily fix scuff marks on patent leather shoes using a cotton swab and a little petroleum jelly


When applying lipstick, slick a little Vaseline onto your teeth to stop them getting covered


Dabbing a tiny amount of Vaseline onto the forehead and cheek bones gives a dewy glow to the face


Temporarily ‘fix’ split ends by rubbing a tiny amount of Vaseline onto the ends of your hair

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