The Craziest and Funniest Things Kids Do That Make Us Laugh So Hard

Kids often do the wackiest things that are both confusing and surprising. You’ve probably have your fair share of crazy things that you’ve seen your kids do. Sometimes you wonder where they got such silly stuffs. But you can’t deny that kids are a great source of amusing entertainment. With their innate playful nature, they always come up with unpredictable things especially when no one is watching them. We made a collection of hilarious photos showing the funniest things kids do that make us giggle every time.



This kid thought milk would taste better if licked this way.

Safety comes first for this kid, even if it makes him look ridiculous.

This is how this kid shows her love to pigs.

This bathroom party looks like fun.

When he puts this on his head, it means not to disturb him.

This jacuzzi fits her perfectly.

This face is the effigy of absolute boredom.

Are you in need of a good laugh? You only need to look at these photos to see the craziest and funniest things kids do.


Spiderman has a son and I think we’ve finally found him.

Why does this bench make my life so complicated?

See? I told you I can fit into Daddy’s pants!

Look, Daddy! We’ve cleaned your laptop for you!

Keep adhesive tapes away from your children. Or they will end up looking like this.

This girl loves to craft. By the way, those are real money.

Big brother wants to be a disc jockey someday so he keeps using my sensitive little head to practice scratching.

It’s a good thing Mom wore this cardigan. Now I have somewhere to hide my face.

Mommy wears it, so why can’t I?