There’s A Website Called “Does The Dog Die” And It’s For People Who Want To Know If A Dog Dies Before Watching The Movie

Don’t you hate it when you see a dog in a movie and you just know a tragic fate awaits them? Dogs constantly end up dying or getting hurt in movies and we can’t help but wonder what these innocent angels ever did to deserve such roles. We can all agree that dogs, no matter the size of their role, add a lot of emotional depth to a film as a whole. However, their tragic story line is usually too much for an unsuspecting audience.

Fortunately, the Does The Dog Die website is here to save us from the grief of unexpected deaths. Quite frankly the site’s creators deserve a million puppy cuddles for their ingenious idea! The website is relatively new, as it only launched this 2019. However, it has definitely become an indispensable internet resource for animal-loving movie watchers.

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Does The Dog Die


We love dogs but we don’t like watching them in movies for a reason

When watching movies or shows, we don’t really flinch that much when people get their heads lopped off or get blasted into a million pieces. In fact, we seem to enjoy these gory visuals. Case in point: Game of Thrones. We don’t really mind, because we know that their deaths are fake, and they still went home to their families at the end of the day.

However, it’s a completely different story when we witness dogs being hurt or killed onscreen. We flinch… avert our gaze… squirm… whimper… or even cry whenever such a scene unfolds. In other words, we can’t stand it. How could anyone not feel sorry when a pup whimpers or yowls in pain? I stepped on my dog’s paw the other day and I’m still apologizing!



For years, movies have victimized us by doing a sudden one-eighty and killing off the least deserving member of its cast. Disney scarred an entire generation with Mufasa’s death. We wept buckets of tears when Samantha died in I Am Legend. But, now we can safely choose our movie marathon selections using the Does The Dog Die website. Of course, not all movies kill off their canine co-stars, but things rarely end well for them. In the 1997 film Air Buddy, the lovable pooch was chased away by his owner.


Avoid sudden emotional traumas brought on by tragic plot twists with the Does The Dog Die website

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Does The Dog Die

The website is straightforward. You won’t be seeing a lot of distracting visuals like images and pop-up ads here. All you’ll see on their page are titles of popular shows and whether or not a dog dies in it. It seems that they’ve reviewed all movies since the dawn of time. All you’ll need to do is search the title you’re planning to watch, and they’ll tell you whether a dog or character dies in it.

From there, you can decide to watch or choose something else. In a nutshell, Does The Dog Die helps viewers concerned with animal welfare know which movies are safe and which are not.

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Besides dogs, the site also contains information about movies where other animals died or got hurt. There are upwards of 60 topics to search in the site to help prepare you for your movie binge. They’ve got you covered with anything from dogs dying, finger or toe mutilations, to car crashes.

Search at your own risk though, because some content actually contains spoilers! But if you don’t mind spoilers, checking out the Does The Dog Die website will definitely help prepare you for any surprises your movie-of-the-night’s got in store. What’s more, you can even sign up and contribute to the site! You can request for a new category or add a new movie, show, or book the site’s contributors may have missed.