Starbucks Has A New Studded Matte-Pink Tumbler

Sip your favorite beverage in style with the Starbucks Studded Matte-Pink Tumbler. So, last year Starbucks released the goth-inspired studded tumbler in matte black for Halloween. The tumbler’s fantastic studs and ridges made it an instant favorite among Starbucks fans. But that’s not the end of the studded cup trend. In fact, it was just the beginning of a craze because during the holiday season, the giant coffeehouse launched the Christmas-inspired studded iridescent and neon pink tumblers. While, just recently, it rolled out the studded rainbow tumbler in celebration of the Pride Month.

So, looks like there’s no stopping Starbucks from spoiling their fans with these mesmerizing drinking cups. Right in time for the spring season, the Matte-Pink Tumbler has been spotted in stores. For us who love everything pink, this is hands-down the most beautiful drinking cup we’ve ever seen and it goes without saying that we want one of these for ourselves.


Starbucks Studded Matte-Pink Tumbler

Rumors about the release of the peachy-pink matte studded cup circulated over social media as early as February and it is said that the new cups will be officially released on March 24th. However, some lucky people have already spotted these beauties as early as March 4th and they claimed to have found it at Starbucks located inside stores like Target.






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Yaaasss! ? Spring Ready ?

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The Matte-Pink Tumbler comes in the size of a Venti Cold Cup which can hold 24 fluid ounces. Cool your senses with your favorite iced coffee, cold brew or Frappuccino as you feast your eyes on this gorgeous-looking cup. Apparently, these lovely venti cups are currently taking over Instagram and it’s easy to see why. You can find them in stores with Starbucks inside, if you’re lucky. Let us remind you that these are hot items and they tend to sell out quickly.









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Starbucks is at it again! A few weeks ago they released new merch for their Spring Collection. One of which is this adorable pink studded tumbler! After a few phone calls, I found out that this collection is exclusive to Safeway and Target Starbucks. So, if you are interested you may want to shop for essentials at one of these locations. The cup currently retails at $19.95. Note: Covid-19 has mandated closures and major changes to store hours. Therefore, it may be possible that your “local” has either 1) not received their shipment or 2) completely sold out. Given that information, I would suggest calling before you make a trek to the store. Especially if you do not normally purchase your consumables from Target/Safeway. #safewaystarbucks #appreciateyourbarista #starbucks #venti #starbuckstumbler #studdedtumbler #starbucksventi #iceddrink #starbucksobsessed #disneymom #caffeineonthego #springcollection #starbuckssnob #eastercup #drinkselfie #starbucksdrinks #starbucksaddict #pastels #popofcolor #starbuckstumblercollection #eastercolors #starbucksstuddedtumbler #starbuckscoffee #starbucksusa #starbucksspring #starbucksstudded2020 #starbucks2020 #starbucksstudded #coffeebeans #coffeelover

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Happy Easter Peeps? Look what I got!!!? I may have paid double the price to buy it online because I don’t want to leave my house but I am in love with this cup, so cute for spring and summer! Who else has one?! Anyways I hope everyone has the best Easter possible due to the current circumstances….I know it’s tough I miss my mom so much right now 🙁 I was also hoping for a beautiful Easter Sunday but instead Georgia is calling for tornados and major storms so we are preparing the basement with flashlights and portable chargers? Trying to make the best of it. Lastly thank you all so much for 100 followers, I’m so glad you’re all here for this journey and coming soon is a MAJOR room clean out? -Kay? • • • • #cleaning #organization #cleanhomehappyhome #cleanhomecleanmind #organization #starbucksstuddedtumbler #starbucks #newcup #pinkstarbuckstumbler #pinkstuddedstarbuckscup #easter #rainyday

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Finally, we hope you got one of these cups to add your collection and we can’t wait to see what Starbucks creates next!