15 Practical Life Hacks You’re Sure To Find Immensely Useful

There’s no doubting that life can be hard sometimes. But, we guess that if there were no tough times, we’d fail to appreciate the good! Despite this, if we can find ways of ‘cheating’ when it comes to the little inconsequential things in life, then well done to us! Knowing clever tricks and tips to make the mundane issues in life easier, leaves us with more positive energy to tackle the big stuff. We’ve compiled this list of 15 practical life hacks you are sure to find immensely useful! Take a look!

When boiling eggs, use this simple trick! Magic!

An ingenious way to keep a taco in its place while you fill it!

Use a straw to remove the stalk of strawberries with ease!

This is a brilliant idea for when you’re struggling with those cheap screws!

Now you don’t have to wait for a strong man to open the sauce for your pasta!

Cut your ice cream like this, it looks pretty, it’s easy and somehow, it seems to taste better!

No corkscrew? Grab a nail and hammer!

Organize those pesky cords using clips.

Is soggy salad a problem? Those tiny bottles that alcohol can come in are great for taking your salad dressing with you!

Vastly increase the capacity of your recycling bin by using a cardboard box like so…

There is no need to scream in frustration when trying to open a hard plastic packet, if you use a can opener!

Never mix up your keys by using a little nail polish!

Never worry about your belongings being stolen while swimming at the beach!

Excellent supermarket trolley hack!

Never break your teeth on those un-popped kernels again…