Avocado Stick Spreads Avocado Onto Toast Perfectly

How hard is it to cut open an avocado? Believe it or not, some people are unfortunate enough to injure their hands while cutting an avocado. And as a matter of fact, the term ‘avocado hand’ has been recently used to refer to this mishap. This news may come as a laughing matter for most of us. But hey, let us remind you again that we’re living with the millennials, and anything can happen. If only there’s a way to help these millennials and save them from the task of cutting their avocados. Oh wait, there is! They will surely love this avocado stick. As the name implies, it is basically pure avocado flesh –  in a deodorant stick.

avocado stick unnecessary inventions
Unnecessary Inventions

Well, eating it is pretty easy. Simply turn the knob at the bottom until the content rises up. But instead of applying it on your underarms, you eat the content. Would you imagine yourself doing that? We’re quite sure no one would, well except for those with ‘avocado hands’. The genius product was an innovation by Unnecessary Inventions. On their Facebook page, the avocado stick is posted along with the caption:

“Every millennial loves avocado toast! Now make your favorite snack faster than ever at home or on the go…on a stick!”

Introducing the Avocado Stick by Unnecessary Inventions

unnecessary inventions avocado stick
Unnecessary Inventions


avocado on a stick
Unnecessary Inventions


avocado in a deodorant stick
Unnecessary Inventions

Since the avocado stick was posted, Facebook users started to throw in their sentiments on the comment section. Not long after, it has already created an uproar on social media. For those who are not aware, all products posted by Unnecessary Inventions are fake and are intended as a joke. This is the same mastermind behind the mouth curtain, chopstick earpods, treadmill for fingers, and hard hats for the toes. In other words, these products do not exist as they are only intended for comical purposes.

It’s a good thing that this avocado stick is only a joke. If just in case it’s a real thing,  it would be a grave insult to the fruit. People with ‘avocado hands’ may be disappointed with the revelation. But let’s face the fact that learning how to cut an avocado is a part of life. So, deal with it.

Source: Unnecessary Inventions | Facebook