25 Genius Clothing Hacks That You Wish You Knew

Don’t you just love finding out about new tips and tricks that will help you in everyday life? Whether they’re money-savers or handy things to know, there’s bound to be something here on this list that you’ll start using today! Spread the word and share these ingenious ideas with your friends and family now.

If your new shoes are feeling a little tight then put on a pair of thick socks before putting the shoes on and blowdry them. The heat will stretch them out.


Stale bread crust is great for removing dirt stains from suede. Rub gently and watch it magically disappear.


Make your own leather stain remover by mixing cold water and vinegar.


A glue gun is a quicker and easier solution to getting your clothes hemmed or sewing them yourself.


Spray your tights with hairspray to avoid ladders appearing.


Spray lemon juice in the armpit area of shirts to remove sweat stains and odors.


To remove oil stains, apply talcum powder to the area and leave it overnight.


Clean patent leather with a window cleaning spray.


White wine will remove red wine stains from clothes.


If you can’t be bothered to try on a pair of jeans in a shop then then a good trick to tell if they will fit is to put the waistline around your neck.


If your underwire is poking out of your bra then patch it up with pieces of moleskin.


Hate using an iron? Try these.


Baking soda is great to use for cleaning. Try it mixed with detergent to brighten up a pair of shoes. Apply it with a toothbrush to scrub stubborn areas.



Wear your new leather jacket in the rain to achieve the worn-in effect quicker.


Always let freshly ironed clothes cool down before you wear them. This will prevent new wrinkles occurring.


Here’s a great tip for clothes made from angora or mohair. Place it in a ziplock bag and freeze for 3 hours to prevent the material from shedding.


To get as much excess water out of hand washed clothes, whizz them in a salad spinner!


Jeans will smell less if you put them inside the freezer for several hours.


Prevent a run in your tights getting worse by painting the edges with clear nail polish.


Loosen new shoes by placing them in the freezer overnight with a bag of water in each shoe.


Add some distilled vinegar to your washing machine to stop your dark jeans from fading when you wash them.


If you’re prone to losing your string from clothing then attach a safety pin to the end. It will be easier to feed it back around and out the other side.


You could also try threading it through a straw.


Shaving foam will remove make up stains from collars or other areas on clothing.


To hang shirts quickly, feed them all onto one arm and use the other to attach the hanger.

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