You Can Get Yourself A Mountain Dew Can Covered In Glass Rhinestones

Whenever we pour ourselves a glass of soda such as Mountain Dew, we can’t help but admire how it fizzes and sparkles. Sally Reithel agrees with us. The artist appears to love the soft drink so much that she made a glass rhinestone mountain dew can in honor of it. Yes, that’s right. Sally is selling a bedazzled soda can on Etsy. Bedazzling by definition means to “decorate and personalize using sequins beads, glitter, etc”. In the mid-2000’s, encrusting iPhones and Blackberries with crystals was all the rage.

However, the bling trend faded out a few years ago. But it appears that it hasn’t disappeared completely. In fact, we feel that it’s actually making a comeback in soda can form! But I think the important question is: can we actually drink the green soda inside?

Glass Rhinestone Mountain Dew Can


Meet Sally, the dazzling artist behind this rhinestone-encrusted soda can

right side detail


left side detail

In her profile, Sally wrote that she “has a passion for creating unique beaded and rhinestone designs”. The Seymour, Indiana-based artist also shared that her craft “is a very time consuming process that I love to do and would like to share with others”. Her Etsy shop only opened this year but she’s already put out some interesting items for sale. She not only sells rhinestone-covered soda cans but also bedazzled figurines, jackets and folded book art.


Her glass rhinestone mountain dew can is the fanciest can you will ever see

back of the can


the can placed sideways

From afar, you wouldn’t think that Sally’s Mountain Dew can is any different from the ones you see lined up on the supermarket’s shelves. However, if you take a closer look, you probably won’t believe your eyes. We can see how attentive Sally was. She stuck to the original design’s details and every crystal is on-point! In an effort to stay true to the design, she used a lot of different colors and crystal sizes to replicate the soda can.

This painstakingly handcrafted glass rhinestone Mountain Dew can can be yours for a reasonable price, and you better act fast because it’s one of a kind. It’ll definitely make a great gift for someone who can’t go a day without chugging a can or two of the Dew. Plus, it’ll definitely be great for sparking conversations wherever you display it.

Glass Rhinestone Mountain Dew Can next to soda logo crafted with book

You can also get the Mountain Dew folded book art created by the artist herself. However, as of writing, the particular book art is currently not listed, so you should probably shoot Sally a message if you want that logo on your shelf sometime soon. Throw in the Mountain Dew candle and you’ve got yourself one epic soda-themed Christmas bundle for the Dew-addicted gamer in your life.