50 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas That Did Or Did Not Go The Extra Mile

When tradition meets modern themes, expect a clash of contrasting styles that unexpectedly work. Just like these Christmas trees created by people who dared to step away from the orthodox. Traditionally, the evergreen fir tree has been used to celebrate Christmas. For thousands of years, this symbolic tree has been used by Christians as a sign of everlasting life with God. But through the years, people have started to think outside the box and now go for something more unconventional. Although Christmas is all about tradition, people been coming up with creative Christmas tree ideas so they can have unique décor.

Instead of the customary coniferous tree, people have been using unique materials to construct their Christmas trees. Today, the more unusual the theme, the better it is. From unicorn trees to Godzilla, the possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY Christmas trees. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration to get you started with your quirky trees, let these ideas spark the designer in you.

Remember, building your own Christmas tree doesn’t have to be costly. Furthermore, Christmas trees don’t necessarily have to come from stores. As a matter of fact, you can construct your extraordinary holiday tree by using whatever is laying around.


Christmas Tree At A Public Library


Levitating Christmas Tree


“My Lab Has A New Christmas Tree…”


“Made Our Own Christmas Tree Where We Are Deployed”


“My Living Succulent Christmas Tree”


“My Office Christmas Tree Portal Version”


“‘Green’ Christmas Tree From Recycled Plastic Drinking Bottles”


Two Hand Saws Turned Into Christmas Tree

creative christmas tree ideas hand saws


Christmas Tree At Local Sheriff’s Office


“This Tree That The Art Center In My Home Town Put Up”


“I Work At A Tech Company, This Is Our Christmas Tree”


“Our Slightly Different Christmas Tree…”


Vegetable Tree


“I Made A Bacterial Christmas Tree In The Lab”


“Really Tall Christmas Tree In Our Neighborhood”


“My Family Designed And Made A Gingerbread Christmas Tree. The Numbers Say “Christmas Tree” In Binary”


“Festive Christmas Tree Out Of Sandbags”


“I Made An IT Christmas Tree Made Of Monitors”


UFO Christmas Tree


“When You Don’t Agree On How To Decorate A Tree”


“Who Needs A Traditional Tree When You Have A Ladder”


“Awesome Stranger Things Inspired Tree”


“Instead Of A Christmas Tree, My Wife And I Do This To My Upright Bass”


No Tree, No Problem


“My Christmas Tree”


“The Shop Christmas Tree”


“How To Have A Christmas Tree When You Have Cats”


“Kirby Sucking Up Our Christmas Tree”


“The Tree We Built”


Christmas… San Diego Style


“Set Up A Cat-Proof Tree Tonight”


“I So I Finally Buckled Down And Got A Christmas Tree This Year”


“Christmas Tree Goals – Ballet Tree”


“I’m Spending Christmas In Iraq This Year, We Didn’t Have Much But I Still Think We Put Together One Hell Of A Tree”


“The Boys And Gals From The Intensive Care Unit Have The Best Tree This Year”


“This Christmas Tree Is Made Out Of Old Woods And Logs And Guess What It Took Just 2 Days For The Person To Built It”


“Some Lights And A Bit Of Decorations And You Have Yourself A Wonderful Tree”

diy holiday trees minimalist


This Prosthetic Tree


“Christmas Spirit In Our Lab”


“Ugly Christmas Tree Turned Into Oscarmas (And Slimy)”


“Christmas Tree At A Local Electronics Store Is Lit”


“My Hospital’s Pediatric Clinics Tree”


“My Wife’s Christmas Tree Alternative”

“We Didn’t Have Room For A Christmas Tree So We Made A Silent Knight!”


“I Turned My New 7′ Blue Christmas Tree Into Cookie Monster”


“Our Office’s Christmas Tree”


“Simple But Stylish Christmas Tree”


“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas In Texas”


“My Father Spotted This Christmas Tree In Colmar”


“My Roommate Likes Climbing – This Is His Christmas Tree This Year”