10 Images Showing Beautifully Unique Glass Acorn Jewelry You Will Love

We’re about to show you acorns like you’ve never seen them before. Brought to you by ‘Bullseyebeads’ and sold on Etsy, these gorgeous jewelry pieces would make a beautiful and unique gift. The items, which include necklaces and earrings, are made from Italian and German soda lime glass, with real acorn caps. There are plenty of designs and colors to choose from meaning there is something to suite everyone. What’s more, the jewelry is very reasonably priced. Take a look!
Source: Etsy

What a beautiful shade of purple.

It’s amazing how there can be so much detail in such a small piece.

We bet these designs get a lot of compliments!

Simplistic yet still fabulous.

A cute leaf enclosed design.

These acorns are the perfect size.

Can you imagine receiving any of these pieces as a gift? Awesome!

We love this honey-looking color!

Here you can see more of the styles on offer…

This shade of blue gives a lovely water effect.

Source: Etsy