17 Amazing Remodeling Ideas For Your Home – Part 2

These days people are forever wanting to make improvements to their home to keep it looking stylish and cozy. But deciding on what to with your space can be a little tricky. We’ve found some creative ideas of changes or additions you could have that will re-ignite your love for your home. Whether you prefer traditional or modern, there’s something here for everyone. 
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Master Bedroom Balcony

master bedroom balcony

Complete the luxurious feel to your master bedroom.

Seating Around Fireplace

seating around fireplace

Build some cozy stone heating around your fireplace so you can really enjoy the warmth.

Outlet on Mantel

electric outlet on mantle

This will come in super handy at Christmas time for your mantel lights!

Two-Sided Fireplace

two-sided fireplace

Add luxury to both your bathroom and bedroom with this awesome fireplace.

Bi-Fold Windows

bi-fold windows

A great way to bring the outdoors in.

Children’s Bunkroom

kids bunkrooms

The kids will love having sleepovers if they had a room as awesome as either of these!

Recessed Hallway Lights

recessed hallway lights

Don’t these look great?

Wine Wall

wine wall

This is awesome! A great space-saving design.

Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinet

pull-out kitchen drawer

Another great space-saving design. When you require extra worktop space simply pull the unit out.

Sink with Jets

sink with jets

This makes a great addition to your laundry room and is perfect for hand-washing delicates.

Wine Rack in Your Kitchen Island

wine rack kitchen island

A practical feature that also looks great.

Vacuum Baseboards

vacuum baseboards

Make light work of a boring chore!

Trundle Bed for Guests

trundle bed

This convenient bed can just be pulled out when you have guests and kept tucked away neatly the rest of the time.

Bi-Fold Doors

bi-fold doors

These fab doors really maximize the amount of natural light into your home.

Outdoor Room

outdoor room

Adding curtains to your outdoor area make it look more stylish while also adding some privacy.

Lounging Platform in Pool

lounging platform in pool

For the days when you just want to dip your toes in the water…

Overlook the Lower Story

overlook the lower story

This really opens up the room while allowing you to view the lower story from up high.

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