20 Incredible Desserts Created By An Architectural Designer That Will Blow Your Mind

Beware, for those of you that have a love for desserts, your mind is about to be blown. Ukrainian architectural designer turned pastry chef Dinara Kasko has a talent beyond words when it comes to baking. Dinara incorporates geometric figures into her desserts with results unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! When talking about her work, Dinara states ‘I have many unrealized ideas and a great desire to experiment. I don’t want to imitate others; i want to create something new’. Take a look and prepare to become super hungry!
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Many of Dinara’s desserts look too good to eat, almost!

It would be so satisfying cutting in to this.

This layer cake is awesome!

Such perfectly shaped balls!

We would love this for any special occasion.

How does Dinara get her shapes so perfect?

The same dessert as before, in presumably a different flavor.

Flower, anyone?

Even when shown zoomed in, everything still looks perfect!

Such a unique design!

We wonder how long a design like this takes to complete.

We want to slice right through the middle of this one!

This mirror shine on this cake is just perfect.

Even the speckled style still looks immaculate!

The creativity is just endless!

We wonder what the texture of this creation is like.


There’s something to suite every personality!

An inside look…

This makes us think of clouds.