You Won’t Believe What Lies Below This Ordinary Looking House


This house looks perfectly ordinary until you take a closer look. Built in 1978 by wealthy businessman Girard B. Henderson and built to withstand a nuclear blast, there is another house built 26 feet below! Yes really! Paranoid about the Cold War, Henderson designed a place to hide out in if things got out of hand. Complete with original 1970’s styling such as a pink trim kitchen, “grass” style carpets, and an amazing 360 degree forest mural, the home was designed to house a family for an entire year self sufficiently and with no need to venture above ground. The attention to detail in the house is amazing with lights which change depending on the time of day as well as a pool, sauna, 2 jacuzzis, a bar, and even a putting green. Want it? You will need to have a spare $1,150,000 lying around!


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