East Meets West In These Reimagined Fairytale Illustrations


If you've ever wondered what Disney characters or other fairytale characters would look like if they'd been created in Eastern Asia, rather than America or Western Europe, then prepare to be satisfied. A Korean illustrator, Na Young Wu, reimagined Disney characters (many of which originate from older Western fairytales) as though they had been created in the East and then drew them in the style of manhwa, the name given to contemporary Korean cartoon illustration. Wu, who also goes by the name Obsidian, has created some stunning illustrations that are so beautiful it leaves you wishing the Disney classics had been animated in this style. Wu is a prolific professional illustrator in her native Korea, so if you like this, be sure to check out more of her work.

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Alice in Wonderland


Wild Swans


Snow White


The Snow Queen


Little Red Riding Hood



The Princess and the Frog


The Little Mermaid




Beauty and the Beast

Which of these are your favorites? Beauty and the Beast is just stunning, but they're all beautiful, to be perfectly honest. 


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