Froot Loops Have Turned The Cereal Into Tasty Candy Canes

Summer is all about popsicles, ice cream, sodas and other refreshing sips. So talking about candy canes at this time of year will surely earn you a raised brow or confused look. Candy canes are winter-exclusive treats, why would you mention it in the middle of slushie season? But that’s a reaction Kellogg’s doesn’t seem to mind getting with the announcement of their Fruit Loops Candy Canes. After all, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to. Especially now that we’re going through a lot of crazy, mostly energy draining things.

We’ve seen some pretty bizarre candy cane combinations in the previous holiday season, like the ones that tasted like soda. But it’s the first time we’ve seen candy canes inspired by cereal. Compared to the bright, multi-colored Loops we see floating around in our morning bowl, these Fruit Loops Candy Canes come dressed in twists of red, green and a brownish color. Kellogg’s has yet to formally introduce the holiday treats, so we can only speculate what flavors we can expect from them for now.


Kellogg’s will be releasing Fruit Loops Candy Canes later this year

Eagle-eyed @junkfoodmom was the first to spot and post about the upcoming Fruit Loops Candy Canes. Word is now spreading across the treat tracking community, as @candyhunting has now also made a post about the curious candy treat. The unexpected treat announcement quickly excited the Instragrammer’s followers. And we totally understand the hype! Kellogg’s hasn’t listed the upcoming Froot Loops Candy Canes on their site yet, but the holiday treat is already listed at Redstone Foods.

Redstone Foods is a known distributor of speciality candy, glass bottle sodas and other fancy goods. So if the Froot Loops Candy Canes are listed on the site as early as now, then the chances of us seeing these treats in the candy aisle is highly likely! With a few months left before the winter holiday season kicks in, Kellogg’s might still add a few changes to the product. But hopefully they do come in packs of 12. We definitely look forward to solving this flavor mystery!