Is This What You Would Do If You Saw A School Kid Being Bullied?


Bullying affects children, and sometimes adults, worldwide and sometimes it seems like there isn't much we can do to stop it. In the video below, you'll see a couple of school girls bullying a slightly younger girl at a bus stop. In each situation, there are adults nearby, but will they do or say anything to stop the situation? These days, it seems people are more disconnected from the world around them, and don't step in as often when there's trouble, but you'll have to check out the video below to find out what they do. The bullying in this video is just an act. Although, any reactions or lack thereof from the adults are real. We should not forget that this sort of thing happens all the time in real life and it could make a difference to say something if you see bullying take place! Watch the video below to see what happens!





Would you speak up if you saw something like this happening? Let us know what you'd do in the comment section below!

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