51 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

There are many genius ideas that lead to great products that not only make our lives easier, but also add fun! Many of the invention ideas you see below are must-haves for every home and you can get them right here on Awesome Inventions! Take the melon slicer for example; you could have 12 perfect slices is seconds ju nst by using one simple push-down action!

Hand Held Portable Toaster

Ensure perfect results every time with this portable toaster! The clever invention allows you to decide what is ‘just right’ when it comes to your toasting desires.

person demonstrating how to use hand held portable toaster on bread

Outdoor Drink Stakes

So simple yet so genius! We can think of so many different places and occasions where these would come in handy!
Find it here: Outdoor Drink Stakes

outdoor stakes in the ground holding drinks bottle and cup

Goggles Umbrella

Sometimes we get wet due to the position that we hold our umbrellas. But, what choice to we have? We can’t pull them all the way down because we can’t see where we are going. Well, not anymore! These awesome umbrellas have a built in see-through section!
Find it here: Goggles Umbrella

people using umbrellas with see through goggles patch

Socket and Extension Lead

We don’t know why we haven’t seen this genius idea take off!

genius idea for socket extension cord

Slip-On Pour Spout

This gadget solves the annoying problem we all face when pouring from a pot. Of course, this invention isn’t exactly life changing, but who doesn’t love something that reduces mess and hassle?!
Find it here: Slip-On Pour Spout

pouring liquid from pot into bowl with pouring attachment

Portable Egg Cooker

Cooking eggs may seem simple but it’s super easy to mess up! Reduce the risk of ruining your eggs with a helpful cooker!

portable machine cooking eggs

Remote Control Key Locator

Isn’t it just the worst when you lose your keys? It always seems to happen when you are in a rush! Well, help yourself out with this handy key locator!
Find it here: Remote Control Key Locator

remote control key locator with key fobs

Mug Warming CD Player

Two things you wouldn’t necessarily think of combining. But, why not?!

cd player next to hot drink

Portable Chair and Bag

There are many occasions where these portable chairs come in handy. However, lugging them around can be a pain! With this clever creation, you can carry and transport your chair easily.
Find it here: Portable Chair and Bag

portable chair with chair folded into bag

Baby Crib Rocking Chair

A rocking chair/crib combo. What a genius idea!

rocking chair and crib in one with baby resting invention idea

Beer and Shot Glass

How can anyone not like something that cuts back on clean up?! With these glasses you get 2 kinds of glasses in 1!
Find it here: Beer and Shot Glass

two in one glass with area for normal drink and shot drink

Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

Why aren’t these more commonly used? We are curious to try them out!

chopsticks filled with sauce over food

Poolside Rock Climbing Wall

How to make a pool more fun with one simple idea? Here’s how! Amazing minds at work!

pool with rock climbing wool attached to the side

Chopping Board and Colander

We love products that combine two things into one. Less hassle, less fuss!
Find it here: Chopping Board and Colander

two in one chopping board and colander being used

Metal Detector Flip Flops

If these flip flops actually do as they’re supposed to, they could provide plenty of people with endless hours of hunting fun!

person wearing metal detector flip flops

Phone Holder

Sometimes it’s easier and safer to have your device out of the way and in a secure place.
Find it here: Phone Holder

phone on charge against a wall resting on holder

Fork for Oreo Dunking

When Oreo dunking goes wrong, it’s a sad moment. Prevent that from happening by using a fork!

oreo on fork being dipped into milk

Utensil Pot Clip

How many times have you got your kitchen side messy due to placing a used spoon on it? This handy pot attachment prevents that from happening!
Find it here: Utensil Pot Clip

spoon resting on pot attachment over cooking food

Melon Slicer

Ensure your melon slices are even every time with this simple tool!
Find it here: Melon Slicer

melon slicer being used

 Salt & Pepper Switch

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could change between salt and pepper at the flick of a switch? Now you can!
Find it here: Salt & Pepper Switch

salt and pepper switch device being used on a jacket potato

3 tier oven racks

Now you can cook your roast dinner all together instead of worrying about the height of the meat hitting the trays.

Find it here: 3 Tier Oven Rack

3 tier oven racks

Open door arrows

It’s a simple yet brilliant idea. How many of us have pushed the wrong side of the door to then look embarrassed on your way out? These arrows solve that issue and don’t look bad either.

arrow for doors

Attachable baby cot

Anyone who has had a baby will tell you how annoying it is to get yourself up in bed to look over into the Moses basket to check they are okay every time. This attachable cot however makes things so much easier. Due to the fact all you need to do now is turn your head to see your little one.

Find it here: Attachable Baby Cot

attachable baby cots

‘Cakesicle’ molds

Everyone loves a cookie right? Well how about a cookie on a stick?

Find it here: Cakesicle Cookie Pan

cakesicle pop molds

Finger print padlock

With technology getting more and more advanced. It’s only natural that security locks will upgrade as well. Here we have a security lock that opens with the correct finger print.

Find it here: Fingerprint Padlock

fingerprint padlocks

Dolphin shaped boat

We’ve all dreamed of swimming with dolphins right? Well how about taking it a step further and actually glide through the ocean AS a dolphin. A mechanical one that is.

dolphin boats

Dipping pouches

Another simple idea that seems so obvious now. Dipping pouches that go inside of the bowl making it easy for your to have the bowl of chips on your lap while watching your favorite movie.

Find them here: Dipping Pouches

dipping pouch

Digital spoon scales

Now you won’t have to put things onto a scale and then into your container. You can use this digital spoon scale to scoop the amount you need every time.

Find it here: Digital Spoon Scale

digital spoon scales

Cylinder ice cream scooper

A posh way to serve ice cream to your family or friends.

Find it here: Cylinder Ice Cream Scoop

cylinder ice cream scooper

Cupcake corer

Core your cakes the easy way. Ready to put that delicious filling inside.

Find it here: Cupcake Corer

cupcake corers

Corn stripper

Stripping corn doesn’t need to be hard work. This corn stripper will remove corn in seconds.

Find it here: Corn Stripper

corn strippers

Cord organizer

No one likes messy cords every where. This cord organizer will leave your home looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

cord organizers

Fries holder for car

Even though the picture demonstrates fries and a dip holder. This could be used for other things aswell. Such as your mobile phone, stationary, sunglasses and more.

Find it here: Car Fries Holder

car fry holders

Food bag clips

Even though pegs are an easy way to keep a bag shut. They don’t always do the perfect job of keeping food from going stale. These food bag clips will do that for you all the while looking good.

Find it here: Food Bag Clip

food bag clips

Hands-free umbrella

It’2019, we shouldn’t have to use one whole arm/hand to hold an umbrella. You might think this looks a bit ridiculous but mark my words. This is the future people. We need both our arms/hands free!

Find it here: Hands Free Umbrella

hands free umbrellas

Hot iron holster

A great way to keep your hot iron out of the way and save space for your makeup.

Find it here: Hot Iron Holster

hot iron holsters

Ice sticks tray

On those hot summer days, the last thing you want is a bottle of warm water. These ice sticks will go straight into your bottle making your drink a nice refreshing temperature.

Find it here: Ice Sticks Tray

ice sticks trays

Bread iron to make toast

A quick and easy way to make toast. How is bread iron not mainstream yet?!

iron toasters

Pop-up kitchen sockets

Pop-up kitchen sockets are a great way to save space.

kitchen hidden outlets

Magnetic hangers

No more pole for hangers to wrap around. These magnetic hangers attach to the top of the metal surface and hold securely even when you pull the clothes from the hanger. A more minimalist approach.

magnetic hanger

Recliner with table

A stylish recliner with pull around table. Great for working on the laptop or getting some school work done.

recliner with tables

Restaurant waiter caller button

I really think all restaurants should have a waiter caller button. How many times have you sat there waiting ages just to ask for something. Now you won’t have to worry with one of these. It will be similar to how airplanes have buttons for each seat.

restaurant waiter call

Wooden cable tidy board

A stylish way to display your cords. This is definitely one for people who like to keep their things in order.

wooden cables tidy

Vacuum trash can

No more dustpan and brush. This is the vacuum trash can that will suck up and dust that gets near it. Simply sweep the dust toward the bottom and it will do the rest.

Find it here: Vacuuming Dustbin

vacuuming dustbins

Two leg ironing board

Finally an ironing board that makes sense! It works the same way as a normal board but this one can open up down the middle making it easier to iron trousers.

two lef ironing board

Signal jacket

What a great idea for cyclists. The signal being on the jacket means it’s up high making it easier for motorists to see.

turn signal jackets

Travel pod

Possibly the future of getting around? Small and compact, it seems like something from a futuristic movie for sure.

travel pods

Thermochromic table

This thermochromic table reacts to anything warm/hot that touches it. This certainly will get the conversations flowing and probably have people trying to print all sorts of ‘designs’ on it.

thermochromic tables

Truck taco holder

Deliver your tacos to the dinning room table in style with ones of these truck taco holders! Beep beep, delicious tacos coming through!

Find it here: Truck Taco Holder

taco trucks

Wall-mounted shoe racks

Hang your shoes up and out of the way to save space on the floor. It looks good and is practical.

shoe racks

Reusable candles

This reusable candle once lit, will melt wax and that wax will poor down into the tube below. After a little time, the wax in the tube will be hard enough for you to pull out and use again.

reusable candle