Attachable Baby Cot


With this attachable baby cot your baby will literally be at arms length at all times. This cot is made from solid beech wood making it stable, durable and easy to clean.



  1. Tamara Strand Perkins

    Wish this was around 21 years ago!

  2. Angela Cochrane Jacobs

    So sweet x

  3. Imraan Momo

    Lovely idea i would love to buy 1

  4. Sue Green

    love it

  5. Marta Wear

    awesome idea 🙂

  6. Lynn Nantz

    I love this but why so expensive it cost more than most baby beds.

  7. Chloe Pateluch

    Fab but yes why so expensive??

  8. Jaydee Laydee Reid

    Brillient !! But yes agree on price too much x

  9. Ginette Malone

    New Mom's, this is awesome!

  10. Brittanie Corbin

    I would love to have this for when my lil one gets here but the cost is just to much.

  11. Tessa Boone

    Wholey expensive wtf?!?!#!!//

  12. Abii White

    Demelza Casella , Sophie Rebecca Hollister, Rachael Timms, made me think of you all 🙂 x.

    • Demelza Casella

      Rex would think it was for him! X

    • Demelza Casella

      Rex would think it was for him! X

    • Abii White

      you better get two then lol. one for your side and one for james' lol x

  13. Abii White

    Demelza Casella , Sophie Rebecca Hollister, Rachael Timms, made me think of you all 🙂 x.

  14. Paul Lessard

    Holy crap totally would of bought it but too expensive could of got 2 beautiful cribs for thst price come on really… Ridiculas

  15. Grace Linneer-Wagoner

    you can get them for way cheaper at other stores.

    • Robbie Golden


    • Robbie Golden


  16. Brooke E Thorpe

    Betty Mac this is so cute!

  17. Angela Borja

    This is a great idea but agree with everyone, way overpriced. What other stores are they available?

  18. Ashley Bernklau

    You can do this with a normal crib just remove one side

  19. Ashley Campbell

    No! Don't do it with a normal crib. If it moved in any sort of way baby could fall or worse yet, become trapped and suffocate. The things made for this securely strap under your mattress to prevent that

  20. Ashley Connors

    I'm getting this for sure I love this

  21. Flora Gambone

    Brilliant idea..

  22. Claudia Guillen

    When my kids were newborns I bought them a bassinet and put it next to my bedside as well…although I couldn't lie down and watch my baby at the same time all I had to do was sit up to take peeks and it cost under $50…it had wheels so I could take the bed wherever in the house I pleased.

  23. Sara Balmbra

    Or you could just make one…

  24. Sylvia Bulman

    this is a great idea

  25. Niesha Pretty-Pecan Rasta-Rican

    Too expensive for something made out of plastic wood, that a baby can only use for about 6-8 weeks.

  26. Larry Johnson

    send me a request friend

  27. SherryandRodney Simmons

    Sarah delaney check this out

  28. Holly Spratley Forsythe

    I think u can buy this at babies r us

  29. Roann Mary Lorbis-Evangelista

    Too expensive.

  30. Chasity Smith

    Wouldve loved one of these whn marcus <3 was a baby!!

  31. Kate Bridson


  32. Lisa Moon

    Love this! But I purchase one at Babies R Us for 150.00$

  33. Sharon McHugh

    Vicky Compton I saw this and Thot of u lol

  34. Patricia Croes

    agree ..why so expensive???

  35. Kitana Dixon

  36. Chris Waln

    Great for new mothers

  37. Kevin Lee Hensarling

    We got to get this for Christina.

  38. T. Beckett Townley

    Dawn Ollek Sample

  39. Delvita Johnson

    I would love to get for my daughter but yeah way to expensive

  40. Miry Hdez Méndez

    Algo que será muy útil
    para los futuros papas <3

  41. Fernando Ramirez Perez

    como para mi?

  42. Miry Hdez Méndez

    Fernando Ramirez Perez para ti?????? acaso serás papá??????????

  43. Mady Rodriguez

    Ja ja fer que hiciste!!

  44. Judy Maule

    just take the side off the cot and push it next to bed like i did!

  45. Hunter Davis

    Brandi Davis

  46. Jake Davis

    why not just use the bed? wtf?

  47. Tajh Gaulds

    A nigga need dis fuck the price

  48. Amburr Chey

    bam and i need that !

  49. Samantha Williams

    So needed one of these wen aaliyah was lil an for mason 🙂

  50. Kim Ross

    What an awesome idea!!!

  51. Kimberly Parks Gomez

    I love this idea

  52. Carolyn Grimes Cover

    Rachel you need this

  53. Kirsty Nichole White

    I want one!

  54. Jasmine ScreamTeam Dent

    I like this

  55. Lucille Castillo

    Awesome idea.

  56. Mary Luis Miranda

    Very nice i lovet….

  57. Mary Luis Miranda

    Very nice i lovet….

  58. MsRhonda Martin

    Good idea.

  59. Laura Kuhl

    The cot is made out of solid wood and its a new product so they are always more expensive. More than anything, it's made of solid wood. It's not really that expensive considering this fact. Wood is really expensive now.

  60. Chloe Dagnall

    Would be great if this them extended into a toddler bed

  61. Thalia Mercedes

    Very very important

  62. Apple Trinity Martini

    Great for a friend of mine

  63. James Sykes

    Becca McLean

  64. Louise Sykes

    Becca McLean

  65. Brooke Hardison

    Wish I would have gotten this!

  66. Kerrie Caple

    This would be ideal for my sister who is expecting… shame about the price, too expensive!!

  67. Laura Caple

    That would be ideal…just a wee bit too much for me!!

  68. Chris Roberts

    Lol you would put it on my side so you can sleep x

  69. Leonie Moore

    dont use surround-keep the air flowing around baby-SIDS guideline

  70. Ginny Maxwell

    Omg I need this. Why is this not readily available at WalMart, toys r us, babies r us or anywhere for that matter???

  71. Melissa Reeves

    They do have one kinda like that at babies r us… Or at least they used too…

  72. Ginny Maxwell

    Really??? I've never seen it. I love the pack n play for the most part I found one sat babies r us that I love. At night though this soukd be so much more convenient , though. This website is awesome, btw

  73. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    Great gift idea

  74. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    Alexandra, Dakota, Bre, Chelsea.. Check this out..

  75. Brillyance Paige Gilchrist-Poteat

    They have a something similar at Walmart too. I overlooked it because when pictured it look like a regular crib, both sides can come down so that you can have it right beside the bed

  76. Justyne Won Yan Ni

    Babies grow fairly quickly the cot wont last long

  77. Wendy P Carranza Ramirez

    @celeste Diaz look

  78. Leslie Little

    This is so convenient and cool! Wish I could afford it

  79. Leslie Little

    This is so convenient and cool! Wish I could afford it

  80. Sarah Louise Young

    Great for peace of mind, close to you for the night feeds, only thing is babies grow so fast it would be cool to be able to extend when needed. Wish they where about couple years bk. very cool thou……

  81. Trista Rowdy Bean

    Keep your eyes open on facebook sites. I see co sleepers that look similar:)

  82. Juli Rose Marckstadt

    Katy Williamson

  83. Juli Rose Marckstadt

    Katy Williamson

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