What This Couple Turned A Camper Into Is Amazing


There's nothing like bringing back something that's destined for the scrap yard and turning it into something amazing. It's the best kind of DIY in our opinion. A couple got a hold of a 1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman camper with the vision of turning it into something awesome. But it would have to undergo a full on makeover to accomplish this as it really was in terrible condition to begin with.


Here's how the camper looked like before the makeover.


The inside, as you can see, was in a right mess!


They began by removing the aluminum shell to see what they were dealing with.


It turns out the wood had received plenty of water damage over the years so they had no choice but to remove it.


They began working on the frame by making it more secure and waterproof.


They fitted the new base for the floor. Fits like a glove!


Built brand new sides for the camper with the old measurements so it would have no problems fitting.


They begun working on the interior units. Looking good!


Built in ceiling fan for air circulation. A great touch!


Now waterproofing the inside. Better to be safe than sorry!


The inside is getting there slowly but surely.




Padding the outside with some insulation to help keep the heat in and the cold out.


Aluminum sides are back on now ready to be painted.


They added an exterior light.


Sorting out all of the electrical cables and doing the finishing touches to the inside.


It's finally done!

Source Imgur