Awesome Bottle Project Ideas That Will Compliment Your Decor

Bottles, both plastic and glass, are something that many of us have plenty of. We tend to throw them away when we’re finished using them, however, we have a list of bottle project ideas that might persuade you to hold on to them! There’s a whole range of unique suggestions including picture frames all the way to wind spirals. There’s also a few that are kid friendly which is great if you’re looking for your next family project. Take a look and see what takes your fancy! 

Bird Feeder

How wonderful does this glass bottle bird feeder look? What a great asset to your garden! Here are the instructions!


We never would have guessed that these bracelets all started as bottles. If you’re keen on seeing how you could do this, check out this video


If you’re looking for some cute storage or an extra special way to give someone a gift, the containers shown below are an excellent choice. Find out how to make them here

Garden Edging

If you want to add something unique to your garden space, using wine and beer bottles as edging for flowers looks great! Here is a tutorial. 

Festive Lights

These stunning lights are so easy to put together! Your family members and guests are sure to be impressed. Take a look at the instructions here!


Plastic bottles can be easily transformed into cool flowerpots. You can decorate the outside however you please! More details can be found here

A Galaxy In A Bottle

Kids will love this project! Help them to create their own galaxy in a bottle by using these instructions

Wind Spirals

These wind spirals are wonderfully eye catching. See how they are made here


These bottle lamps are both functional and aesthetically pleasing! All you need is to grab your favorite bottle(s) and check out these instructions.

Mosquito Repelling Candles

These candles look fabulous! Not only this but they actually serve a great purpose. They contain citronella oil which is often used to repel bugs. See how you can replicate them here


Another great project for kids here! Find the instructions here

Picture Frames

What a unique way of displaying your photos! The process is easier than you might think. Take a look at the simple steps here!

Soap Dispensers

This is one idea we are definitely going to replicate! Some people are just so creative. Find some helpful tips here.  


Wine bottles come in some awesome colors. You could transform the bottles into tumblers by following a few simple steps. Find them here


These make for great gifts! Customize however you please. Here are some instructions to help you out!