Ice Sticks Tray

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Now you can fit sticks of ice into your water bottle with this awesome ice sticks tray. No longer will you have to suffer from drinking warm water.


  1. Jessica Gambrell


  2. Shelley Lewis

    How much for these trays

  3. Ghazala Ayesha

    they sell these at ikea for $2.

  4. Andrew Horner

    Come and live in Scotland. You won't need ice in your water.

    • Debby Purdy

      you man deserve an award

  5. Allyson Black

    Awesome idea!

  6. Jessy Laloka


  7. Letícia Leal


  8. Jordan Valdez

    take my money.

  9. Amy Draper

    Come to B'ham England we have these in our £1 (Pound) Shops!

    • Victor DasNicht

      in american dollars thats 2.25 for anyone who doesnt know the exchange rate

  10. Patti Patterson


  11. Patti Patterson


  12. Lin Tokalautawa

    FIJI WATER!!!!

  13. Janeisha Rather

    This is awesome.

  14. Janeisha Rather

    This is awesome.

  15. Ñåglå Ahmed

    wow nice

  16. Diego François

    Victor DrazNicht Actually 1 pound = 1.5468 USDollars

  17. Ashley Gray

    Dollar tree has these for a buck.

  18. Catherine Mai

    Or you can just break regular ice , and shove it in the water bottle? Or freeze the waterbottle enough for a little ice to form.

  19. Ewelina Cirkus Nordmark Holm

    Or you can just stfu.

  20. Ewelina Cirkus Nordmark Holm

    Or you can just stfu.

  21. Cal Odenthal

    We need heaters in our drinks!

  22. Gregor Mendo

    Been there & I don't know why but it's like there's an Ice shortage in Europe they don't give ice with drinks & than when you ask for ice they look at you like you stupid American and give you 1 ice cube so I'm like hello fill the glass up I like my drinks cold . Sorry Andrew you always need ice in your water.

  23. Gregor Mendo

    you can do what you like…. but this works great Breaking ice don't work well it makes a mess and by the time you get some pieces small enough it will melt too quick and you waste most of it freezing the water bottles is a waste as well you spend most of the time sucking on the bottle and getting nothing the ice has to melt and the plastic bottles give off a chemical when your freeze thaw them ( carcinogenic )

  24. Ghana Sharma


  25. Sarah Whitlock

  26. Reshanna Jolie Sexton

    We've had one of these trays (it's green though) in our house for at LEAST 5 years. Don't know where it came from, but I'm certain that we didn't pay $8 for it.

  27. Whitney Howard

    At 99cent store for …. 99 cents have 5 of them in pink

  28. Alma DE Nadie

    I'm living in México, how is the shipping and handling? and how much the tax? I want buy the skull, and ice stick tray.

  29. Serite Ross

    is it always cold?

  30. Clarissa Vargas


  31. Kheechen Zen Schenell

    ok… i bought mine at ikea about 4-5years ago….

  32. Scott David Taylor

    I've got 200 of these

  33. Ahmed Ageil

    have anyone of you tried to change the currency from USD to GBP . from $9 to £ 10 -_-

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