This Amsterdam Office Is Made Entirely From Cardboard


It's not the most ordinary of building materials, but this Amsterdam office is made entirely from cardboard, and it's awesome! Of course, the outside of the building is more of a traditional bricks and mortar affair, but the complete internal structure, including a mezzanine area and most of the furniture, is made from sturdy honeycomb cardboard. Incredible! The office was thought up by Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk, who wanted to make something strong and lasting out of what is normally considered a throw-away material. Since the internal structure can easily be assembled inside existing rooms, it's an excellent way of turning one big space, for instance a loft or warehouse, into an office with separate rooms and work spaces.

Website: Project Joost



This is a plan of the entire space. It can all be slotted together with a "no glue, no screw" method.



Even the stairs are made from cardboard. It doesn't seem like they'd hold a person's weight, but they will!




You might not trust these shelves to hold a priceless Ming vase, but they're sturdy enough!


There aren't many offices where you can draw on the walls with such ease.


And then it's time to sit down at the cardboard conference table with a nice cup of tea. Let's just hope that's not made from cardboard, too!


This is probably the best use of cardboard we've ever seen. But, would you trust a cardboard office? Let us know!


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