You Can Turn Your Fridge Into Han Solo Stuck In Carbonite

Probably the most iconic (and the most disturbing) scene in the Star Wars original trilogy was the part when Han Solo was frozen and encased in carbonite. For avid Star Wars fans, that scene goes down as one the most epic of all time. Now you can bring that immortal episode to your kitchen with this vinyl sticker for refrigerator.

The FridgeWrap, as the sticker is called, is made from durable outdoor sign vinyl featuring a high-definition image of the famous carbonite scene. This life-size fridge decal measures 70.2 inches tall and 25.35 inches wide that perfectly fits into most standard size fridges. It works best with single door refrigerators. But don’t fret if you have a dual door fridge as you can just easily cut the vinyl decal to accommodate your refrigerator.

This fridge decal features a life-size image of Han Solo in the Carbonite scene

hans solo in carbonite vinyl fridge decal

This Star Wars-inspired fridge decal not only is a conversation starter but it also protects your fridge from water, sun and oil. It features a scratch-resistant matte laminate that you can easily clean with wipes. Plus, it is designed to withstand the heaviest wear and tear. So, expect this decal to last for years to come.


fridge door decal hans solo carbonite

Before your install the decal, make sure that the surface is free from dust and grease. Use tape to temporarily hold the decal on the surface. Secure the vinyl by placing tape on the sides and across the middle. Starting from the upper half, carefully peel off the backing paper of the decal.


Cut the backing paper with scissors then carefully apply the vinyl sticker to the surface. You can use a credit card to help you press down the decal evenly. Start from the middle and press down with your card at 45-degree angle. Gently sweep back and forth until the sticker is fully stuck down.

star wars hans solo fridge decal

Remove the adhesive tape from the middle and proceed to the lower half of the decal. Peel off the remaining backing paper and carefully apply the sticker on the lower part of the fridge. Use your fingers to press down on all edges. Remove the tape on the sides of the decal and enjoy the decal on your fridge. Get yours here. A happy customer wrote:

“This is a very good quality, thick vinyl. A tool comes with this to smooth out air bubbles. It was super easy to put on and looks amazing! I highly recommend!”

Source: Amazon