Boy Scout Responds To The Hospital’s Call To Help With The Pain From Wearing Face Masks All Day

A Canadian boy scout invented ear guards to help front liners ease the pain caused by prolonged wearing of face masks. Some people are infuriated that they can no longer hang out with their friends, or dine out, or travel abroad due to the pandemic crisis. But let’s think about those working on the front lines for a moment. Unlike most of us, these front liners don’t have the privilege to stay at home during this crisis. Every day, they expose themselves to high risks of getting infected by the contagious virus. While some of us are complaining about getting bored in quarantine, these hardworking workers in the front lines are putting their lives to keep us safe.

Doctors, nurses, and other health care workers have to wear layers of protective suits to protect themselves from the virus. This is very crucial since they are exposed to COVID-19 patients 24/7. But here’s the problem with wearing a face mask for hours. The elastic cord of the mask can strain the ears and cause pain with prolonged usage. But in order to protect themselves, health care workers have to wear face masks all the time. The medical staff of a Canadian hospital has been enduring the pain of having their facial masks digging into the back of their ears. Upon hearing the hospital’s call for help, Canadian boy scout Quinn Callander knew he had to do something.


This Canadian boy scout creates 3D printed ear guards for health care workers

quinn callander ear buds

Quinn puts his 3D printer to use and creates a solution. A solution that could prevent the elastic strap from rubbing into the back of the ears. The creative boy designed the ear guards himself. And developed a piece that can be worn comfortably at the back of the head. This allows the elastic cords to be attached to the piece instead of the ears. Thus, it keeps the face mask in place without putting any pressure to the ears.

canadian boy scout invention ease face mask pain


“Quinn answered a request from the local hospitals for help with creating “ear guards” to help take the pressure off health care workers’ ears from wearing masks all day. He got busy on his 3D printer and has been turning out dozens of ear guards to donate,” Quinn’s mom Heather wrote on Facebook.

surgical mask strap digital design


3d printed pieces face mask attachment


quinn callander surgical mask strap

The ear guards were a huge success as the pieces effectively solved the issue. Apparently, news about Quinn’s awesome invention quickly spread around the country, thanks to social media. And this has resulted to an overwhelming demand for the invention.


3d printed ear buds


ear buds surgical mask strap attachment

But the young boy can only do so much. For this reason, Quinn decided to share his own digital design file. So, other people could also produce ear guards and donate the products to their local hospitals. You can download the digital design file here and start using your 3D printer for a greater cause.

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