Health Blogger Reveals The Reality Behind Instagram Pictures

With 700 million active users, Instagram is an insanely popular social media site. It seems that everywhere you look on there, you’re faced with stunning, stick thin models with big bums and large chests. Now, we aren’t for one second slating anyone with that body type. However, some people push that this is their body shape dishonestly, using photo editing software paired with clever posing, angles and lighting.

We get it that everyone wants to feel their best, but the problem is other people are seeing these images and scrutinizing themselves because their own bodies do not match. There are so many societal pressures on how people should look these days. However, one wonderful person who is blowing the lid off on the reality behind Instagram pictures is Sara Phuto. Sara is a 20 year old body positive blogger who is trying to spread the message that you shouldn’t believe everything that you see on the internet. Take a look below to see what we mean!
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The Reality Behind Instagram Pictures

Sara sharing her opinion… 

Sitting VS Standing

Belly Out Vs Belly Tucked In

Poses really do make a huge difference! 

Real Life VS Instagram

Clothing Sizes

Standing Normally VS Sticking Bum Out

Stomach Out VS Tucking Stomach In

No Photoshop VS Photoshop

Relaxing VS Flexing 

We absolutely love the message that Sara is trying to spread. 

We think it’s great that she is openly revealing the tricks people use so that other people won’t feel so bad about themselves.