Heartbreaking Stories From Children Rejected By Their Parents

Every kind of relationship is not always perfect. Especially with family, there are always ups and downs. But, what if all of a suddenly you learn that the very people you thought would be there for you doesn’t love you anymore? Or worse, never did? Parent-children relationships are supposed to be an unbreakable bond. But, again, nothing is perfect. Here are 20 heartbreaking stories from children rejected by their own parents. Take a look!

He has moved on. You should too.

The kind of father nobody wants to have.

Not really the father who deserves a Father’s Day greeting card.

It makes you wonder whether he even loved you before he met his new family.

The pain still lingers and don’t know if you’ll ever get over it.

When you thought your mom would be there for you all the time…

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that your own flesh and blood can do such things…


I don’t know what worse other than being neglected by your own mother.

If things would only get better…

At least at some point, your mom cares.

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If she can live a happy life, you can too.

Some Moms are just not cut out to be best kind.

Experiencing something like this might affect someone’s way of thinking.

It looks like he has no plans of ever coming back.

You get what you give. A little tit for tat.

Pretending is sometimes better than causing trouble.

Words can truly cut like a knife…especially if hurting words come from the ones who you think loves you.

You can’t really control how you feel…but you can control how you react to it.

An awful relationship would be something anyone would want to be out of.

Promises always get broken, but it’s always different when your own mom breaks it.