Funniest Tweets About Marriage From 2017

There are many ups and downs that come with being married. The lows can be frustrating but the highs make the whole thing worth it! Here we have a collection of the funniest tweets about marriage from 2017. If you have tied the knot yourself, you’ll probably find yourself relating to a fair few of them! We love that so many of these relationships involve humor, which we think is a hugely important factor when it comes to sustaining a happy relationship. Take a look! 

Sleeping beside a loved one can be wonderful. However, every once in a while it is even more wonderful to have the whole bed to yourself! 

What would a marriage be without terrible jokes?

Strange! It’s almost as if men are more dramatic… 

Eye contact… the ultimate show of dominance. 

Don’t you just hate it when this happens?

Well, Grant walked straight into this one! 

A good tip for getting your beer-loving other half to do the grocery shopping! 

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Learning how to grin and bear this is definitely a skill… 

You’re never too old to wear a crown! 

You know it’s bad when someone puts in the effort to type out a long reply but then decides that they don’t care enough to send it. ‘K’ is a very bad sign! 

We don’t know her, but somehow we love James’ wife.

Being on the same page is important… 

We think it’s really rude when children do this! 

What is it with certain men being incapable of hanging up a towel?! It’s so simple!