Brilliant And Amusing Ideas For Solving Strange Problems

The world is full of all different kinds of problems. Sometimes there are simple solutions, sometimes there are not. For example, when something breaks, it’s not always as simple as replacing it as you might not have the money. However, there will be other times where it’s pretty easy to find an alternative! Here we have some brilliant and amusing ideas for solving strange problems. Some of these ideas might seem wacky, but as most people say ‘if it works, it’s not crazy’!

Here’s a great tip for feeding puppies at the same time!

For a hands free experience, all you need is an appropriately sized transparent table!

We think this is so cool. What a talent!

If you can’t afford costly car repairs, you could make your damage more obvious in an amusing way!

This little pup kept running away through gaps in a fence. Not anymore!

No barbecue? No problem…

These ‘walking tacos’ are delightful.

Wow. We need to see this in action…

The person behind this photo wasn’t going to let their broken washing machine door stop them from cleaning their clothes!

If you’re missing a wing mirror and need a temporary replacement, hairbrushes with mirrors on the back work perfectly!

It’s not over until the chair can no longer stand!

Car knobs can be a pain to replace. Here’s a workable solution!

Desperate for some hot dogs but have no where to cook them? Think again, if you have a coffee machine, you’re in luck!

Many people would have written off this clock as useless, but someone managed to see the potential…