Alessandra Documents The Carefree Life Of Her Adorable Cat “Grisu” And It’s Making People Jealous

It’s a new month and we’ve found a new feline to fawn over. Meet Grisu, a Kurilian Bobtail from Italy. You will love this fabulous feline’s Instagram but it may have you feeling a tiny bit envious of his lifestyle. His enthusiastic mom, Alessandra, takes all of his beautiful photos and also curates his feed for him. Sometimes, she’ll share a photo of him casually sitting inside a large bowl, chilling with some luxury designer items or enjoying the sun. But I think we can all agree that her stunning close up shots make this account pop!

Kurilian Bobtail cats originate in Russia and cat lovers in Europe love them a lot. However, this breed is not as well known in America but that is about to change. The breed of cat can also look small in photos but Kurilian Bobtails are actually big and strong. This is because they come from a line of hunter cats. So, you can get more of an idea of their character we have shared a short description about Bobtails from The International Cat Association.

“The character of a Kurillian Bobtail is independent, highly intelligent, clever, inquisitive, sociable, playful, trainable, absent of aggression, and very gentle. They are devoted to their humans and when allowed, are either on the lap or sleeping in bed with their owners.”


Not only are these cats super cute but they are gentle and playful to. Seems like they aren’t too aggressive either which can be a problem with cats because some felines just seem mean. With that said these cats sound perfect right?


Alessandra documents the carefree life of her pet cat Grisu

All cats, are beautiful and special in their own way. Some win our hearts without making any effort at all which is what they do best! While others surprise and amaze us with their awesome adventures. If you’re wondering where this cat belongs, we’d say that he’s happily somewhere in the middle. As we think he is adorable and enjoy looking at his beautiful life in Italy to. His mom even takes him and his furry siblings out on outdoor adventures every now and then. But he still likes to be a mischievous cat and he won’t say no to invading his mom’s Louis Vuitton or to a lazy afternoon nap on the roof. His mom, is more than happy to let him do what he wants, she says

“He’s my real-life partner, my shadow, and has exceptional character. Although he’s quite stubborn, I still believe he’s the best cat in the world. Mostly because Grisu is obedient like a dog, which is rare for a cat.”

So, where did the cat get his unusual name? Well, he is named after an animated character from a show that aired from 1964 to 1975. There is even has a plush version of the TV character! Not only is his name cool but so is his personality. This cat isn’t bothered when his mom takes his photos and his candid pictures are totally amazing! The composition, lighting and overall creative execution of his photos make this famous feline a sight to behold. We’ve rounded up some of best photos so check them out below:


Grisu the cat and his furry family are the stars of their Instagram page


How amazing is this shot? This has got to be the cutest photo that we have ever seen!


“They adapt well to other cats, children, dogs, and other household pets.”


“They are excellent jumpers and are inclined to survey their domain from the highest point available to them.”


“Highly intelligent, they need to be shown only once what they are allowed or what is forbidden, but it is up to the individual cat to carry out their own will according to their mood.”


Many of Alessandra’s photos look like they belong in a photography magazine


Someone call Louis V because we’ve found their next ambassador!


In this photo the cat finally met the cartoon character of the same name!


So, this one of our favorite photos because we love an animal who can accessorize! Maybe he will take the fashion world by storm next.


Check out these amazing, detailed shots of the cat and the rest of his furry family


This is a perfectly timed photo!


These cats love to sit and sleep on the roof. With an ocean view like that wouldn’t you?


So, which cute cat photo do you think is the best?

Source: Instagram