Unfortunate People Who Are Having a Terrible, Horrible, Dreadful Day

Everyone has their own ups and down. There are days when we relish the good times and there are also days when we feel like nothing’s going our way. So if you’re having a bad day today, tough luck my friend. But the only thing you can do to ease your troubles away is to look at the bright side. I know it’s a bit cliché but it never hurts to laugh in the face of adversity. Besides, laughter is always the best medicine. We’ll help you lift your spirit by giving you some examples of unfortunate people who are also having a terrible and dreadful day. Feel free to laugh at their misfortunes. Furthermore, there’s nothing more comforting than to know that there are other people who are having it worse than you.



This reminds me of Salvador Dali’s famous painting.

Instagram | @memecity548

Kids can be inventive at times. But when they try to cook oatmeal in the toaster, you know a catastrophe would happen.

Reddit | Mostface

So close yet so far. You can imagine the frustration of this car’s owner when he locked the keys in the car. And that visible hanging strap doesn’t help either. It just made the situation more annoying.

Reddit | ckvolkl

This pasta is on fire. What a waste. Well, you can just try again.

Reddit | ManSoAdmired

A bull’s eye for a bull’s eye.

Reddit | King_Alex_ofthenorth

Things are not going smoothly for this person.

unfortunate people having a terrible day
Reddit | ChefWally

Today is definitely not a good day for a wardrobe business.


A staircase doesn’t make a good parking lot.

Reddit | Tyleno

The face you make when you’ve given up on life. But at least someone is taking advantage of the failure.

Instagram | @tinassecret

When you’re still too sleepy in the morning and didn’t bother to read the label on the carton. So, how does your coffee taste?

Reddit | flashmanMRP

This is what happens when you try be independent but you simply can’t do things on your own.

Instagram | @tinassecret

There are unfortunate people who have ran out of luck but there are also people who have all the luck in the world.


Waking up to a one lucky breakfast.

Reddit | braden3654

Size doesn’t matter? When it comes to fries, it does matter.

Instagram | @tinassecret

What would you do when you accidentally dropped a soap and it miraculously stood on its edge? Take a picture, of course!

Reddit | The_Mesh

If you’re a dog lover, you know you’re in paradise when you get on this bus.

Reddit | HeyVsauceSatanHere