11 Feelgood Photos That Will Warm Your Heart – Part 2


It’s not hard to feel down about the world we live in when you watch the news and see some of the bad things that are happening all across the globe. However, there are folks out there who are so kind that they will totally restore your faith in humanity. From the husband who spent years planting a fragrant garden to make his blind wife happy to the person who takes cookies to a nursing home and visits with old people who haven’t had visitors for years. If you feel happier after reading the first half of this post, you’ll be positively glowing after you’ve checked this out. Here are another eleven feelgood photos that will warm your heart!



This officer made the difference to a frightened boy.


Any one of us would be lucky to find so thoughtful a partner.


This is such a sweet story.


This is kind of sad, but so adorable.


Some teachers really go above and beyond!


If only everyone made little gestures like this, the world would be a better place.


Some bands might get impatient, but they did something really kind.


Nobody wants their kid to feel different, but not everybody would go this far.


We bet this brightened the days of most of the residents.


It might not help in the long run but he saved the lives of these turtles.


Most hairdressers wouldn’t do this!

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