Hilarious Gifts That People Received From Their Drunk Selves

Many people would say that their drunk self can do and want strange things that their sober selves don’t always understand. It’s fairly common when inebriated to make an impulse buy or two. More often than not, people don’t even realize that they have purchased anything until it turns up at their house. Sometimes the things bought are funny, sometimes they are just plain strange and sometimes they are a little scary!

Well, at least this cat couch will be useful and matches the other furniture by the looks of things! 

Pets often get treated when their owners get drunk…

Imagine the selfies you could take with this in the background…

There’s no such thing as too much cheese. YUM! 

An interesting choice indeed…

We are loving this dad bod towel! 

Because who wouldn’t want a life sized cut out of Danny DeVito in their home?


Even a triceratops hat won’t make this pug scary, sorry! Too cute! 

When you drunkenly add something to your wishlist and your mom gets it for you…

This may come in handy some day!

What a great buy! Perfect for your next fancy dress occasion. 

Ordering McDonald’s from Dominos, as you do….

Someone looks happy with their new socks! 

Although not all of these drunk purchases are up our street, we’d be very happy with many of them! If you’re someone who has the tendency to make these sorts of purchases, it must be quite fun to see what surprises arrive at your door!

Thankfully, most things are returnable these days, so if you really don’t want to keep what you bought or maybe you do love it but you really shouldn’t have spent the money, all is not necessarily lost. The best thing to do if you want to avoid this situation is probably to hide away your phone, computer and tablet when you’re going to be having a drinking session!

Waking up to Nicolas Cage might be a little confusing… 

Another fan of Nicolas Cage right here! 

How could anyone regret purchasing this adorable little thing?!

When drunk you wants sober you to try out a new look…

No, no, no and no, thank you. 

The person responsible for this photo bought 1 singular tea bag from Japan. Apparently it was quite nice! 

Unfortunately, some people really need to see a mat like this before entering someone’s home! 

We need to know more…

Accidentally buying 100 mini top hats instead of 1 is a little annoying! 

Now, this is the kind of drunk purchase we’d welcome any day!

Why, just why? Who even makes things like this?

Guests will have a giggle every time they use the bath room. 

The perfect t-shirt for those who want to look like they’ve got lots of chest hair and have been out in the sun for too long…