Photos Showing How Parenting Should Be Done

Parenting entails an endless list of duties and responsibilities and is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. But it can also be fun if you know how to spice up your approach with a little humor and playfulness. So, what does it take to become the greatest parents in the world? These awesome moms and dads will show you how parenting should be done! Take a look!

This dad knows how to set a good example for his daughters.

Supportive parents united!

Dad just learned a new word and he can’t stop using it!

Who would have thought that bringing kids to school is so much fun?

How to keep your kid in place while you go shopping? Let your kid watch the “Jurassic Park” and then do this…

Never get tired of taking your kid to his favorite place, even for the 223rd time.

When daddy always tells his daughter that there’s a frog somewhere every time he farts…

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Good teamwork never fails.

With a bathtub like this, you won’t need to force your kids to take a bath anymore.

Don’t shake the baby!

Taking your kid for a stroll doesn’t have to be boring.

He can’t read it anyway…

Treasure every little thing they do. Just like what this parent did when his child drew a house on a wall.

The message is clear.