Confessions From Surgeons Showing What Their Job Is Really Like

How hard is it to be a surgeon? Well, after attending medical school for almost 10 years, a surgeon has to spend long hours of grueling work where life-and-death situations are always round-the-clock. The job of a surgeon is undeniably demanding with all the pressure and tension happening inside the operating room. These confessions from surgeons give us a glimpse of what the profession is really like. Take a look! 

Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don’t.

Keep those hands sterile, please.

It consumes most of your time.

Even a surgeon has a sweet tooth.

Feeling the pain of the patients.

The unsung heroes of the medical workforce.

How’s your love-life, doctor?

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He can ‘cut’ people as much as he wants.

Favorable outcome isn’t guaranteed all the time.

Because you need to look your best when you’re inside the operating room.

Inspiration comes in many forms.

No thanks.

This sounds tough.

The advantage and disadvantage of being a surgeon.


Even heroes have the right to bleed.

As long as I’m paid, I’m good.

I certainly don’t want him to operate on me if I have a choice.

We feel you.

Regret always comes too late.