People Reveal What It’s Like Dating A Homeless Person

Being homeless can often limit someone from certain things, but it doesn’t take away their ability to love and the gift of being loved. But as a homeless person in a relationship, it can sometimes put their partner in difficult situations. Let’s hear what their partners are thinking and feeling about dating a homeless person…
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He’s responsible for his own actions.

Homeless people still has the right to love.

There’s only so much you can do.

It’s not always easy.

At least he has a bed in jail.

I’m sure mom would be pretty mad about it.

Having a homeless girlfriend has its perks.

Nobody has a say in what you want to do in life.

How can you help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped?

You just hope for the best.

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If only money wasn’t a problem…

Women loves very hardworking men.

The thought of losing someone you love can be scary.

They will never understand…

Overthinking can lead to doubt…

It hurts when people say awful things about someone you love.

True love changes things.

A boyfriend who cares is a boyfriend you want to spend time with.

Love knows no boundaries.

It’s not always easy to tell people you’re dating a homeless person.