10 Revealing Facts About Human Nature That Could Help You Get Ahead In Life

There are many facts about human nature that you may not be aware of. Did you know that if you take someone on an adrenaline-packed first date, they will go on to associate you with that thrilling feeling? Or, that if you act really excited when you bump into someone, they will most likely be way more excited the next time they see you? Human nature is most definitely an interesting subject. We are programmed to subconsciously act in certain ways, which are not understood, or known about, by the majority of the population! Let us let you in on a little secret, body language and perceived confidence are everything! This post proves! Read on, and learn!

Facts About Human Nature

This is often a tactic an employer will use in an interview! They want to see how you cope when you think you’ve finished what you had to say, but are then thrown into a situation where more information is needed. It shows how good you are at thinking on the spot.

if you ask someone a question maintain eye contact and stay quiet

We’re not suggesting you call your new potential boss ‘mate’ and be totally relaxed. What we mean is, tell your brain that you are in a comfortable situation and to think of your interviewer as a friend rather than someone who is judging you. You’ll feel way more at ease.

before interviews imagine yourself as old friends

People find it harder to do certain things when they can see themselves doing it!

if you work in customer service put a mirror behind you

No one wants to feel like they are totally letting someone down. You just have to find out what they would be willing to do for you using this technique. If you need to borrow $20 from mom, ask for $100 first, because then the real amount you want seems super low and much more appealing for mum to agree to.

door in the face facts about human nature

This ties in with the saying ‘the best thing a person can wear is confidence’. You might feel the opposite of brilliant but as long as you give off a certain impression, you’ll be fine!

if you seem like you know what youre doing people rally around you

Who knew feet could tell you so much?!

if their feet are pointed away from you they want the conversation to end

This makes perfect sense. If someone provides you with a positive experience and positive emotions, you will like them and generally respond in the same manner! This is basically how we make friends. Everyone likes to feel good!

if youre happy and exited to see other people they will probably do it to you

Want to figure out who likes who the most in certain friendship groups? Here’s a little technique!

when a group of people laughs people look toward who they feel closest to

Even though you might be a shy person, naturally we find it complimentary when people seem to be paying an above average amount of attention to us.

try to notice someones eye color

You want to do something that creates lots of fun memories that you can look back on and enjoy such as a theme park!

take your date somewhere thrilling they will associate you with that thrilling feeling

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