45 Hilarious Pictures That Sum Up Canada Perfectly

Aren’t you also fond of Canada? Then we bet you’d find the following funny meanwhile in Canada pictures actually adorable!

Now, don’t you also associate Canada with niceness and maple syrup? Well, a lot of people do. And yet, it’s not really that different. It’s just that it has more details you might consider weird! For instance, some super friendly police officers, plus an extraordinarily social moose! Quite exotic, right?

Well, we want you to actually get a better idea of we’d call the “Canadianness” of Canada. So, here’ s quite a list of photos to describe the Great White North in the most heartwarming way possible.

So, why don’t you put on your parka now and enjoy as you scroll? Most likely, you can’t take these funny meanwhile in Canada pictures from elsewhere in the world!

1. This Another Canadian Thing

Fun fact: Canadians do like to say “sorry” a lot. And that’s probably one reason why they passed the “Apology Act.” The purpose? To limit its use!

Well, lawyers back then could have established guilt quite quickly! They only had to prove that someone said sorry during the incident. How easy, right?

2. Meanwhile… In Canada

The lawmakers, as a result, have clarified that an apology:

“means an expression of sympathy or regret”

as opposed to:

“an admission of fault or liability in connection with the matter to which the words or actions relate.”

3. Citizens and Canadian Police Clashing on Each Other

4. Here’s A Really Cool Hat Available At A Local Store

5. A Picture of The Stuff You See In A Northern Canadian Town

6. Three Seasons All At Once Now — It’s September 15

7. These Montreal Police Are Not Wearing Their Work Pants Because They’re Protesting

8. Sometimes, Christmas In Canada Can Be This Difficult

9. Yeah, Canadians Are Really Known For Being Kind

10. Here’s How Honest Canadian Commuters Were Acting When The Workers Weren’t Around, And The Automatic Gates Were Not Working.

11. Victims Of Theft In Canada

12. Canadian Police. They’re On The Job.

13. A Little Girl Is Selling At A Lemonade Stand, And The Police Officer Stops To Buy From Her A Drink.

14. This Photo Has Canada All Over It

15. A Moose That Literally Followed Someone Home

16. The Canadian Police Meditating Before Starting Their Day

17. Some Decent Reason For One Not To Drop The Package Off Right At My Door

18. A Canadian Parking Ticket

19. Also, Meanwhile In Montreal

20. It’s A Grocery Store In Summerside, PEI In Canada. It’s Got “Sensory Friendly Shopping”!

21. This Is Probably The Most Canadian Thing You’d Ever See

22. Here’s A Sign You’re Marching In Canada

23. A Bathroom Graffiti That’s Positive

24. When A Canadian Parks In Your Spot

25. Toronto Citizens Built A Memorial For A Dead Raccoon When The City Wasn’t Able To Pick It Up After 12 Hours

26. The Only Ones Who Are Quite Aggressive In Canada

27. Somebody Just Texted Me, “Can We Use Your Pool ‘Cause A Moose Is In Ours”

28. A Toddler Was Driving A Police Officer’s Truck, So He Pulled The Little One Over, Giving Him His First Ticket

29. Even The Robbers In Canada Are Polite

30. A Graffiti In Canada

31. The Buses Do Apologize For Accidents Here

32. A Canadian Half Marathon With A Cute Police Stop

33. This Picture’s The Most Canadian Ever

34. Why, Canada?

35. Again, Meanwhile… In Canada

36. This Is How You Should Tell You’re In Canada

37. The Finest Of Canada

38. Police Officers Playing Ball Hockey With The Kids In The Neighborhood. It’s Just A Normal Day.

39. A Beaver Who’s Apparently On An Assassination Plot

40. It’s A Happy Canada Day! Here’s Someone’s Own Version Of The Most Canadian Photo He’s Ever Taken

41. A Canadian Bar In A Small Town. Look At The Fashion.

42. Another Of Those Funny Meanwhile In Canada Pictures

43. This Happens Only In Canada

44. These Were On The Sidewalk, Waiting For The Traffic To Stop. Then They Used The Buddy System. Aren’t Canada’s Animals Also Overly Polite?

45. Walking To Class At A University In Canada