50 Funny Animal Expressions That Sum Up Motherhood Perfectly

If you think being a mother is all rainbows and butterflies then you obviously don’t have any kids just yet. Now you’re probably thinking ‘how hard would it be to become a mom?’. Well, you only need to look at these funny animal expressions to show you how it feels to be a mom. The truth is, motherhood entails a lot of sacrifices as a mother puts the welfare of her children before herself. This is the stage of a woman’s life where self-doubt, worry and stress will try to get the best of her. Not just in humans but in animals as well.

Having a baby is absolutely a blessing. But wait till they give you sleepless nights and nonstop chores just to provide what they want. Then you’ll realize the other side of motherhood that society often sugarcoats as a ‘blissful experience’. If you find it difficult to raise one child, now imagine having to raise five or six of them all at once. Well, animal moms have to deal with this life every time they give birth. And you just can see how these moms really feel through these funny animal photos.


” Zoe Is So Excited To Be A New Mom!”

Yes, being a mother is a wonderful thing and children are worth all the sacrifices. But don’t let it mislead you into believing that a mother’s life is only filled with happiness and love.  The truth is, there will be some downsides with sadness, tears, and sometimes regrets. Adjusting to a new life, a changing body, unending commitment to the family and time management are just few of the challenges. However, these aspects of motherhood are just normal and they’re not something to be ashamed of. Besides, these issues are something that society needs to address more openly.


Funny Animal Expressions Showing How It’s Like Being a Mom


“Don’t You Just Hate It When You Run Out Of Ink”


Dog Mom Enjoying Her ‘Me Time’


“This Is My Life Now”


“Angry Dad Cat Liked To Sit In The Sink By Himself…Until The Kittens Found Him”


“Mommy’s Having A Blast”


“Snickers is a proud (anxious) mama to 6 adorable pups!”




“My Cat Recently Had Kittens, Her Face Is Priceless”


Look At The Little Ones


“The ‘fed up with motherhood already’ face… I don’t think anyone told her there would be so many.”


“My Friend’s Cat Recently Had Kittens, And The Mother Stopped Taking Care Of Them. We Found The Father Like This Today”


Proud Mom


Cheetah Cubs With Mother


“My friends’ proud momma and her new pups!”


“Mom and baby during winter”


Mom Koala Hugging Her Baby

Cat Mom Pondering About Life


Mama Bear

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And Happy #MothersDay to all the other hard-working moms of the world, whether they be furry or flippery! I love watching animals interact with their young – these types of interactions really drive home to me how alike they really are to us. Whether it’s mother bears huffing in concern when one of their cubs is lost, a mother orca mourning the loss of her calf, or mother foxes impulsively grooming their otherwise reluctant kits, it all feels so natural to watch how their lives unfold. Maybe we can learn something from these mothers of the natural world. * * #happymothersday #animalmoms #wildlife #wildlifephotography #brownbears #grizzlybears #foxes #redfox #baboon #elephants #africanelephant #orca #killerwhale #katmai #washington #bison #yellowstone #africa #kenya #zebra #nursing #babyanimals #nature #optoutside #teamcanon #findyourpark #earthpics #wildlifefeaturez #planetearth

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