Limited Edition Lindt Neapolitan Truffles Are Filled With Three Different Flavors

Make every day feel like Easter with the new Lindt Neapolitan Truffles. All kids around the world (grown-ups as well) didn’t have the best Easter season this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. There were no outdoor egg hunts, no Easter parties and no Easter games since the lockdown has been implemented. But don’t let this gloomy situation ruin your entire year. Life can still be sweet even when we’re in self-isolation.

The limited-edition Neapolitan Truffles are as mouthwatering as they sound. Inspired by the yummy three-flavored ice cream, these luscious truffles are also filled with three different flavors including chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry. Each truffle has a milk chocolate center covered with white chocolate which is then enclosed with a white chocolate and strawberry shell. When you break its shell, all the chocolatey goodness starts to melt in your mouth for a total indulgence.


Lindt Neapolitan Truffles

Smooth, melting, luscious. The Neapolitan Truffles deliver a unique chocolate experience featuring a distinctly smooth and rich gourmet taste. The bursting flavor of three different types of chocolate will surely drive your taste buds into frenzy. You’ll instantly forget all your worries with every burst of flavor. And since this is a limited-edition offering, it didn’t take long before they sold out. They came in an 8.5 oz charming pink pack which was available in Target in April. Unfortunately, it quickly sold out in just a few days, leaving many people feeling disappointed because they didn’t get the chance to try them out.

But the good news is, you can find the truffles listed on the Lindt website. They are available in a large 353 oz case though, which is actually more suitable for this ‘quarantine’ situation. The 353 oz case contains approximately 800 pieces which should last for months, depending on how many pieces you can devour in one sitting.

lindt neapolitan truffles
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lindt lindor neapolitan truffles
Lindt USA

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