These People Will Show You How to Perk Up a Boring Day at the Office

Working at the office may seem monotonous and dull. There’s your boss asking for office reports, deadlines to meet, projects to administer, quotas to accomplish, and much more tedious works. But life at the office doesn’t have to be always boring. If you and your co-workers know how to turn a boring day at the office into an exciting one, then boredom would just become a thing of the past.


Let these people show you how to brighten up another boring day at the office.



Bring out the kid in you.

Rest in peace, cockroach.

Anyone not named Ben will have a hard time.

The things you do when boredom strikes.

Who wants coffee straight from the buttocks of a sumo wrestler?

We are currently in a meeting to save the world.

I borrowed one of your Red Bulls but I pledge to pay you back as soon as possible.

Keep mum about it.

No one will ever notice my absence.

People just can’t follow instructions.

This guy loves his circle of friends.

Look, boss! The floor got a new design!

Who needs expensive earthquake detection kits when you can use this?

I feel like someone is staring at me.

The mummies return.