Grandma Accidentally Texts Wrong Number But Invites Teen Over Anyway For Thanksgiving

Friendships take time to form and become much harder to maintain as an adult. But for accidental friends 21-year-old Jamal Hinton and 64-year-old Wanda Dench, all it takes is one misspent text to mark the beginning of a beautiful and strong friendship. Back in November 16, 2016, then-17-year-old Hinton received a text message from an unknown number inviting him for a Thanksgiving dinner.

When Hinton asked who the sender was, the person replied ‘Your grandma’. Hinton then asked for a picture which the sender willingly obliged. As it turned out, the sender thought she was texting her grandson. Hinton then showed a picture of him to confirm that she had texted the wrong person. Along with the revelation, Hinton humorously asked if he can still get a plate. And the woman gladly and properly invited the random teenager to Thanksgiving dinner at her home.


Grandma Accidentally Invited A Random Teenager For Thanksgiving Dinner Which Led To A Lifelong Friendship

grandma and teenager friendship thanksgiving tradition

Hinton and Dench finally met in person and the two newfound friends shared a meal together, along with the Dench family, on Thanksgiving Day. They instantly clicked with each other and that became the start of their beautiful friendship. Since then, Hinton and Dench made it a yearly tradition to spend Thanksgiving together and snap a photo of them together to commemorate the occasion. Sadly, Wanda’s husband Lonnie passed away in April 2020 due to Covid-19. Despite his heartbreaking absence, the two still took a photo with Dench holding a framed photo of her deceased husband.


The Misspent Text That Started It All

grandma accidentally texted random teenager


grandma accidentally texted random teenager friendship


wanda dench and jamal hinton thanksgiving friendship


The Two Friends Made It A Tradition To Share Thanksgiving Dinner Together Every Year

unlikely friends thanksgiving tradition


grandma and teenager unlikely friendship

This year, Hinton is set to spend Thanksgiving with Dench for 6 straight years. Hinton excitedly shared a screenshot of Dench’s text on Twitter inviting him, his girlfriend, and his family to join her again for Thanksgiving dinner. Their ‘accidental’ friendship has warmed the hearts of many people on social media with Hinton’s latest tweet garnering 1.2 million likes and over 117,000 retweets in just a couple of days.

wanda dench and jamal hinton thanksgiving tradition

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